Stress and anxiety

Modernism has brought so many facilities for us and we enjoy certain things which were considered to be the impossible. Man can fly, he can move with a supersonic speed on and above the earth’s surface. Advanced means of communication has brought revolution in our lives. Television and computer has changed our life style enormously. Now we can enjoy highest level of luxuries and comforts all the way.

Beside such a lavish life style we experience stress and anxiety as a natural outcome of all these comforts. While walking on the roads, driving a car or out for shopping, every where we feel a stress and it is quite common. Office work burden or picking the kids from school and reaching to an appointment all causes a pressure on our mind and we feel it occasionally. Some people have the stress of jobs or marriage and some people find problems with existing relationships. Almost every person struggling for survival feels this stress and anxiety in daily routine life. Sometimes he or she has the reason for becoming stressful and sometimes it is present without any reason. A worst condition occurs when this stress turns into a physical or mental disorder.

Amazingly it is most common among women than in men and often appears in childhood or adolescence however it may come in adulthood also, causing complications all the way. The most common symptoms are feeling of restlessness and sleeplessness, the patient often feels difficulty in concentrating the matters or become fatigued. These symptoms further leads to muscle tension and irritability.

The more acute patients may experience trembling, headaches, nausea and shortness of breath. Sometimes patients feels sweat of chills, muscle soreness and dizziness. They are depressed and can show a behavior which is not normal. Certain persons should be taken to proper doctors and consultants without wasting any time.

By Umar Saleh


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