Strikes are the out come of our modern industrial system. They came into fashion in the present age of steam-driven machinery and large factories. The level of salaries, like the prices of goods, was fixed by the law of supply and demand, under a system of free competition. But the competition between master and man, while it might be free, was by no means fair. A single workman, with no land to fall back on, and his two hands and his skills as his only CAPITAL (Wealth) was. No match for a rich employer or company. If he did not like the salary offered, he lost his job; for there were plenty to take his place. He must accept the low package of salary or go hungry.

 It was workman themselves who solved the problem, by going on the principle of co-operation. Each single stick could easily be broken; but sticks tide in a bundle could not break easily. While a single workman was helpless, but a united body of workmen in one trade might be successful.

 So trade unions came into existence, and established the principles of (joint Bargaining). This meant that the employers in a certain trade had to deal with the united body of workmen in that trade in matters of wages, hours of work, etc.

 The trade unions weapon is the STRIKE. A strike is the refusal of an organized body of workmen to continue their work except under certain conditions. But now a days strike becomes most popular among public of PAKISTAN. This weapon not only being used against the owner of factories or companies but it’s also going to be used against the policies of government and others. In the running situation of our country a strike is expected because every political party or government employees or various organizations protest against injustice.

 As we have seen that in our province BALOCHISTAN different political parties announce strike every week or 2 or 3 days in a month. But these strikes influence not only government but also astonish the public. As factory worker take part in strikes against the management, similarly as party workers take part in strikes and try to stop transport and want to close all the shops and shopping centers. In this way they protest against the rules or law of government and get their goals achieved.

 But there are evils and dangers connected with strikes. Even when they are successful, they cause a lot of suffering to the workers and their families. They do great damage to trade and industry and party workers damage the laws or rules and regulations, and cause much inconvenience to the public. When they fail, they make matters worse even then before. The best way is to settle all industrial disputes or government rules or laws by negotiation.

 By Rehana Khan


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