Substituting honey for sugar

Let us begin this discussion by simply comparing the two main components in this article we speak, sugar and honey. Although both sweeteners contain glucose and fructose, it is a big difference in its components and health benefits. Sugar is a product manufactured using commercial crystal cane or beet sugar as feedstock. But in the process of preparation, all the important nutrients such as fat-elements, nitrogen, protein, vitamins and enzymes are destroyed in the product.

But unlike sugar, honey is a natural product that is slightly modified so that they are well presented. It is 100% natural without added chemicals and fragrances and has many extra features and benefits to health and is considered healthier than sugar. Therefore, taking into account all these factors replace honey for sugar in various recipes desert can certainly help in improving the health of your family. Read on to learn more about this honey substitute for sugar – the report mentioned below.

Substituting honey for sugar in baking

There are a number of reasons why substitute honey for sugar than is healthy. This is  mainly because of the honey brings more moisture in the recipe than sugar, thick, add a wonderful flavor, add acids in it, and as a catalyst for the aking process.

Baking with honey always emphasizes flavor and color of cakes, cookies, cakes and other sugar-free recipes. Also prove to be very wet and soft that they do not melt under the sugar crystals on the food.

The report as a substitute for sugar in honey, biscuits and cakes used ¾ cup plus 1 tablespoon honey 1 cup sugar, delicious recipe to use.

Substituting honey for sugar in recipes

In addition to all the health benefits of honey, there’s only one drawback, that is, that the amount of honey contributes more calories than table sugar. About a tablespoon of sugar, which is actually contribute sucrose at 46 calories while a tablespoon of honey with about 64 calories for the body, increase body temperature.

Other than the lack of honey, they completely overshadow the benefits of table sugar is almost negligible. Since sugar is a very important ingredient in many recipes and desserts such as cakes and cookies are used, we are certainly under very unhealthy eating. This can easily be avoided by substituting honey for sugar and stay away from heart disease. So read on and find different ways to substitute honey for sugar listed below just for you.

Substituting honey for sugar jams

During the preparation of jams and jellies, you need a preservative that add flavor and aroma, and gives the product a longer shelf life. You can also learn more about the shelf life of honey.

 In this dessert, sugar is supposed to be a very popularly used preservative, but there are side effects of sugar. Therefore, it can certainly think of honey, sugar substitute offers a preservative as well, both the taste and shelf life.

The report is used to ¾ cup sugar ¾ cup honey and preserves can be used effectively.

Substituting honey for sugar in tea

As I mentioned, you can learn how to substitute honey for sugar in any recipe, whether solid or liquid. So with honey as a sweetener in tea or coffee could certainly give you your daily dose of health.

Instead of using liquid honey, if you do not want it done as an add-on to the tea, add honey crystals are also available in the market, while warming tea.

It is also one of these benefits of honey, where you can take all the liquid honey you are passionate about, that this form of dirty honey takes place and can be stored for as long as possible.
Replace With this information useful absolute honey sugar in desserts and drinks, I’m sure you can reduce total use of sugar in your food. So, to make healthy decisions and good health in daily practice, at least a spoon!

By Taha Mateen


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