Sun the hottest star.

How hot is the sun? It’s that much hot that can flame or burn anything very easily. Can we imagine about the temperature and hotness of sun? No even we cannot imagine the real temperature of sun. The sun is the largest member of our planetary system. It weights about five hundred times more then any thing in our planetary system. The sun is very much hot. At the core it is fifteen million degree Celsius or 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. If we use a magnifying glass then we can see a very hot sun’s heat and his light also. But watching on this way can harm your eyes and also can start a fire so be careful.

The sun is the major member of our solar system. It is the only planet or star in our solar system which is huge sufficient for its centre to undergo nuclear fusion. Because the ability of producing so much energy it shines brightly. The planets of our solar system are too much slighter that nuclear fusion cannot occur. Their surface is icy. And they only shine when the light of sun reflects on their exterior.

The sun the hottest planet or star is old enough. It is approximately 4.5 billion years old and still it is not elderly adequate to stop burning. According to the scientists the sun will be shining for more 5 million years. The sun is the combination of different gases and elements. It is made up of hydrogen and helium gases and the quantity of hydrogen is 74% and helium is 24%. Sun is not only the combination of hydrogen and helium but it’s the mixture of little oxygen and iron gases and small amount of dissimilar fundamentals.

The sun has made up from different layers. The outer most layer of the sun is made of opaque or thick gases which are called (photosphere). Another layer is the (connective zone) and this is the layer where the heat moves from the internal layer to the outer surface. The next one layer is called (Radioactive zone) and it is here because the reaction between hydrogen and helium take places. The surface of the sun is lava and it is that much hot that no one can live on the surface of the sun so that’s why there is no creatures and nor livings can seen there. The reaction of different gases and elements for billion years made it as hottest as no one can imagine living on it. The scientists researches for many years but they still didn’t find any solution that how they send their space ships near the sun and its still an imagination for human beings.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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