Sunflowers and Roses

Sunflowers are loved and known for the vibrant and vivid color presentations all through the world. Many poets have used it as an imagery tool to express their feelings and give a vent to their emotions. Its ecstatic dancing state is loved and captured for painting and the photography portfolio. Its special association with the sun is on the account of its hot yellow petals forming beautiful whirls all around the stamens and its graceful way of turning head to the sun on each day. This rich texture and colored flowers attract insects helping it in its cross pollination thus resulting in more creed and more flowers.

One of the important uses of the sunflowers is its extensive use in the health industry. Sunflowers have been cultivated at industrial scale to get the oil. Sunflower oil is not amazing to add in the taste but also meets the health requirements giving the rich calories. This is a wonderful combination of taste and health. These are extensively used by the cooking experts and the health industry in medication. Sunflower kernels make a great part of health products in the market. These are bought by those people who seek health nutrients in the taste or in the flavor. Pharmacology declares sunflower kernels as the powerhouse of important minerals and vitamins which have comparison to another.

Sunflower is marketed on the international level especially by the US market where it has got the status of national trait being its national lower. The government supports the companies to cultivate the sunflowers on the larger scale. This huge quantity is given and sold to the world reforming oil companies and are also used in the fine finishing of the oil products in the country. This is perhaps the only country where sunflower magazines are sold twice in a year almost after every six months to bring the latest update and the news on the sunflower cultivation, nurturing and the trade.

To your wonder, research reveals that the sunflower is not a flower at all that may look to you with yellow petals having brown head in the center, yet this is a constellation of hundreds of flowers that make up a single brown head. Hundreds flowers are assimilated to make the beautiful crown in the center which is surrounded by yellow leaves as though working and waving like petals. Amazed? Yes, this is really amazing to know.

The flowers in the center are ripened to the seeds known as the sunflower fruits. These seeds are used to plant a new creed of the plant yet these are also enjoyed as snacks and are eaten in the solid state. These are sold everywhere present in small bags available at the grocery stores. These are also enriched food used for the birds. These are also sold as the bird feed where the birds are fed directly on the sunflower seeds. These are also used as the ornamental flower and are used in the decoration of the houses and the sets of ceremonies.

Roses; A Sign of Love

Roses are considered the royal family in the flowers community. This has a long tradition in the love and romance history. You will find this a beloved gift exchanged between lovers since the flowers have been stepped in human civilization. Roses bring a sensation which cannot be curtailed with any other flower. This flower family has a special and significant place in the romance peculiars. The fragrance spreading around gives a charmed sensation to the atmosphere which keeps you bound to have it at your place for a long time.

Roses are of various colors and stuffs. Each of the color is specific for the personification of a human passion and is symbolically used often to give language to these feelings. Most vivid colors include black roses, red roses, yellow roses and some pink shades. Black rose is the rarest creed to find. It brings sensuous erotic feelings and symbolizes the strong sexual feelings. Black rose is the royal rose color among the rose family and is used by the royal and elite blood. Some kings in the past had been famous for their love to black rose. Some Iranian kings used to have personal gardens on their royal lands.

Roses have extensive use in the domestic and industrial market. Especially as the wedding functions, family get together, birthday ceremonies and other family functions background designs and sets take a great part of roses in the scheme. These roses are used in the bouquets and its petals are used in the welcome rituals often at wedding ceremonies. The modern and advance bridal stages and the beds are fully designed on the customer special rose demands. Perfumes and scents use a great quantity of roses in their manufacture and make tons of the rose market.

Roses are also imported on international levels. Rich and fertile countries use to earn a lot of foreign exchange through the rose import. These are making great part of medicine industry especially in the infant syrups and the products for child use. Many local companies have started sole rose business and are hired for rose decorations in the functions. These companies own their personal rose nurseries. These rose nurseries are specified for the company business and are not sold in the market.

Rose has been a source of inspiration for the poets and the painters. There was a rose movement bringing rose pattern in every domain including music, painting and poetry. This was the time when love used to speak the language of roses where words were no more needed. Roses are still used in the modern videos and movies having the latest romance trends. Though the trends have been changed, focus has been shifted yet the rose family is still royal having blue blood in its veins. It can never be exiled by any new ruling class. This is still respected and demanded.

By: Ammarah Khan


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