The best age to be

Man is discontented by nature with whatever he has. This is the reason we hear a lot of people complaining about their present age. Old people wish they could be young again; young people look towards their childhood with longing. But instead of being sad and regretful, one needs to find out the best things in that part of life.

Every age group has its pros and cons. Childhood is the age of carelessness. Parents give everything to their children which the children will never get again in their life by anyone. They are not expected to indulge into the burdens of life. Their lives are full of curiosity with things that have lost their charm for the elder ones e.g. the first rain, first visit to a park, zoo or sea, their first gifts etc. yet the children cannot do everything on their own, they are dependent on their family and they are punished too if they do something wrong.

Young age frees one from the school discipline, family and parents. But now they have to work and support themselves. They cannot expect anyone to pay for their food or clothing. Shackles of society and law also come into action here. If young people do not get along with them, they might have to leave the job or even go to the prison. But if one works hard at this age, he can make his position and name in the society.

Old age, most of the people think, is the most unwanted part of life. But it can become a source of guidance and wisdom for others. One can see and guide one’s children and grandchildren making their way into the stream of life with progress. But above all, one can sit back, relax, and leave the game for others to play after having played one’s part efficiently.

Each age has its pleasures and pains, and the happiest person is the one who enjoys what ever age gives him without wasting his time in useless regrets.   

By Atiq


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