The Electronic Media

The electronic media has spread all over the globe. It has become the most essential part of our life. We cannot even think of surviving without electronic media. As it has facilitated us a lot by providing every kind of awareness, entertainment, amusement, and information.

Television is the most miraculous and remarkable form of electronic media. It has played numerous roles in our lives. More than 30% of our day is spend in front of television. It is providing us information of all the time. It is the quickest mean of getting awareness. It is an impressive source of amusement. It is a tremendous medium for getting education. People get in formed about the economical, political social happening all the time. Beside this these are certain programs in which the religious matters are discussed and resolved by live phone calls.

There are so many others programs shown on T.V like sports and magic shows. Some musical programs are also being shown. Which are the mean of entertainment for everyone. There is a large variety programs and channels on T.V. we can select anyone according to our taste. It is the cheapest mean of information and entertainment. T.V is making people able to draw their own opinion about various issues.

In spite of a lot of advantages T.V also has a lot of disadvantages. As the media has become very open and clear, it is proving fatal in some cases. T.V is a mixed blessing.

Where it is providing us a fortune of information, it is also infecting the minds of new generation. So it is our duty to select and watch healthy and good programs it will not only enhances our knowledge but also a mean of distraction for every one.

By Umar Saleh


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