The Goal of Happiness

Happiness is an inner feeling that springs up from the crux of the heart. It does not merely depend upon the outer circumstances rather it can be define as the most personal passion at all. It is a warm feeling which is directly linked with the internal atmosphere of the person. Happiness of a person is also associated with the people surrounding him, like parents, as they want to see him happy throughout his life. Expressions to show happiness vary from person to person, as some people start dancing, singing and some like to share their happiness with their dear ones.

Another thing which is most important to enjoy happiness in life is health. As we know that health is wealth therefore one should be healthy because without this blessing life will become very dull and limited. For a happy life we also need a sufficient amount of wealth just to manage daily routine life easily. Happiness is a strong emotion which is necessary for a complete life. But sometimes we also have to face sad situations in our life as sorrows and happiness go side by side. There are so many ways to feel happy in life but it depends upon that person. He should have faith in god and realize that there is someone who is walking with him, cares for him and leading him with his life. So one should stay happy and satisfied with all those things he has in his life.


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