The Home Is The Best School For Moral Training

In the 14th century a European Bishop founded two great educational institutions that was a college and a school. He gave the both to same MOTTO (MANNERS MAKETH MEN). In those days the word “MANNERS” didn’t mean simple outward behavior, as it t dose now but what we should call good conduct or ethics. By his motto the wise BISHOP means that it is a good moral conduct based on sound moral principles that makes a man. So he didn’t  consider education as the mere getting of knowledge and mental training, but mainly as moral training. In other words he recognized that the only thing that really matters in life was character.

 This being so, moral education is all important. From their earliest years children must be taught the difference between right and wrong, and trained to love and follow what is right, and hate and avoid what is wrong. Such training means the formatting of character on right lines. Its object to bring children’s up in such a way that they will grow up to be truth , loving, honest, brave, pure minded and unselfish men and women.

 The Home is the best school for moral education. Schoolmasters or teachers cannot get into such close touch with their students as can parents with their own children. Nor can they appeal affection as good father and mothers can. Moreover, ethical  education has to begin in the earliest years of the child, long before he can go to school. In these early days he learn that how to speak to elders, what is right and what is wrong ?

 The methods of  good training are teaching, example and punishment. The child must be taught what is right by fine lessons, advice, warning, and he must be shown what is right by good example.

 So there is a great responsibility laid upon parents to live a good life in front of their children. Discussing house hold matters in front of child, screaming and shouting , to dispute with one another are the big problems which disturbed the child and remain great influence on the mind of Childs. So that’s why the ISLAM tells us that a leap of a mother is a first school of a child.  A MOTHER and a FATHER both have a same responsibility to tell their child about manners, about god or bed, about right and wrong and about their religion ISLAM  and the great RULES OF ISLAM.. when a child aware the great rules of  GREAT RELIGION ISLAM he or she will understand the good or the bed way easily and will be the civilized persons of the society


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