The Running Situation of my Burning City Quetta.

 Years back Quetta was a peaceful and calm city where life was running in his same routine. No tensions, no worries and nothing else except harmony and peace. Everybody was living here with happiness and without fear. On events, the people of far away areas come here and enjoy themselves too much, the villagers and non local persons came across and feel themselves pleased and fresh because of the pleasant environment of this city. On the occasions of Eid’s there were big crowd of people coming from different districts of Baluchistan to take pleasure on that occasions.

 But now the situation have totally changed from that days, the bomb blasting is going on everywhere in the city. Sometimes the bomb blasts on religious places like Masjids and Imam-bargahas, sometimes it blasts in political gatherings, sometimes it blasts in shopping centers, and even it blasts in the houses of famous persons or near their offices. The bomb blasting now becomes a common act in our lives. Same as suicide bomb blasting is also a part of this current situation of Quetta.

 Another dilemma which is destroying my city is TARGET KILLING. Many famous and successful personalities have been killed by these killers. No body knows that who are they and why they are killing the politicians, doctors, engineers, government officers, teachers, scholars, professors, students, tailors, hair dressers and even they killed the poor people who work hard all the day and with a very difficulty they earn something for their children. These target killers are specially killing those who’s came from other provinces means non locals.

 As target killing is now becoming a usual act of the lives of Quetta citizens, same as kidnapping is also going common among us. Everybody got fear and scared to come out from their houses, they also don’t want to send their children to schools or madrassas in order to get education. The family members don’t permit the ladies that they go outside from their houses for the purpose of shopping because they are scared and frightened from the condition of city, they have fear that if their family members coming out from houses may be  kidnapped or got injured in bomb blasting or may be killed by target killers.

 Many talented people have left the Quetta because of this condition. Now we don’t have talented, good and respected teachers in schools and collages, we don’t have intelligent officers in any department of government offices; we don’t have brilliant engineers to work. Everybody is worried because of this situation, no body have the solution that what to do? No body has single solution that by which method they can save their dearest Quetta. Government and its department seem to be helpless and no one of the government officials are thinking about this immense problems, that how they should solve the trouble and make this city again like a Heaven. 

 By Rehana khan(111/10)


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