Tourism: An Industry

Tourists are the people who travel for the sake of inquisitiveness, fun and adventure. They seek for pleasure and novelty of experience. Tourism is now a commercial venture rather we can call it a service industry. By a variety of services offered tourism is comprised of several allied activities such as tour operators and travel agents, It also include accommodation sector, hoteling and catering also. As analyzed by International agencies, a tourist spends 35% of his total spending on transportation .about 40% on accommodation and food and the remaining 25% on shopping, entertainment and incidentals.

Tourism contributes almost 6% of world trade. The main centre of tourism business is situated in Europe and North America, while 1/8 of the market is distributed among other regions. In third world, the growth rate in tourism is much higher during this era. The role of intermediate companies is also significant and they act for its promotion. The income comprises from this sector is on upward trend that’s why a variety of services have been generated; a huge number of females entering in this industry has reduced the effective cost. The element of leisure has given a dramatic rise in this business. Last 50 years have shown a tremendous rise in the trend around the globe.

The pay scales on managerial levels have been elevated.Diversed managerial orientation towards human resources have changed the scene and a better living is expected from this area of industry. The better means of communication and transportation have made the world a global village this has given an ultimate rise in tourism industry. The number of explorers is becoming lower while group traveling is increased. The tourism industry is claimed to be a profit driven and customer centric providing a lot of opportunities to enter in it.


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