Use of Computer?

Computers need hardware and software in order to perform the work. The software that controls the computer and how it uses its resources is called the operating system. The operating system works as a link between computer hardware and the application software. The operating system plays an important role in how you can access information, start programs, and how you can correspond with the overall hardware on the system. The operating system performs and manage the basic hardware operations, Control of input and output devices, storage space and detecting equipment failure and managing and interacting with the applications software. The operating system is also the maintenance mechanic of the system. It checks the system for failures that will cause problems in processing. 

 An operating system is a set of programs which starts a computer and allows the users to interact with the hardware and software present in the computer. Scientists at AT&T developed an operating system called UNIX in 1969. UNIX and related operating systems such as Linux are popular at universities and among computer professionals. In 1975, Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen wrote a program for the Altair 8800 and founded the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft later developed the Disk Operating System (DOS) and Windows operating systems used on many home and office Personal computers (PCs). Windows operating system is a user-friendly operating system. It is simple and easy to use.

 Main Frame, Desktop or Laptop Computers and all the parts inside are called Hardware. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) makes the computer to work. The keyboard, mouse, printer, and monitor are called computer hardware. A computer system can have large memory which can be used to store large amount of information and instructions. There are two types of Memory Chips i.e ROM (Read Only Memory) and RAM (Read Access Memory). The operating system stores Information / Data at some location on the hard disk and retrieves data when it is needed.

 The programs are a set of instructions written in a different languages that run the computer are called software applications. Computer understands Binary Digits these are called special languages that tells the computer what to do. Computer language has only two letters: zeros (0) and ones (1). It can read these ones and zeros extremely quickly. Each zero or one is called a bit. Eight zeros and ones together are called a byte. Bits and bytes get stored in computer memory chips. Every year, computer engineers make chips that can hold more bytes. The chips can hold more information. Programmers can write applications that can do more things


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