Vampires are cool

What should Christians think about vampires and vampire fiction and film? Well, in Philippians 4:8 we are instructed our minds with “whatever is true, noble, what, what is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, what admirable fill -. If something is good or praiseworthy” Although there is a certain nobility in the Twilight books are also many items from the dark side and the occult. Hero of the novel, Edward is a vampire, it offers many alluring qualities. He is very seductive and attractive, especially for teenage girls. He has flaws, but generally it is an idealized image of beauty and coolness. In fact, he is attracted naive kind of guy most teen girls normally. The problem with this character is his idealization, and that no one actually come to such a male ideal of beauty and charm inside and out. And also, the problem is that to seek this beauty and perfection and to find in Christ, not dark in an imaginary hero.

They seem all the rage these days, these vampires is. By Stephanie Meyer bestseller AOS saga “Twilight” and its film versions of teens are plagued by these blood suckers mad charming, pale and. But as Stephanie Meyer vampire AOS version seems to be inspired by Shakespeare, AOS “Romeo and Juliet”, the traditional vampire folklore has nothing seems too much anti-Christianity. In fact, the vampires seem to caricaturization or reverse image of Christ, his blood for mankind, AOS redemption from sin, eternal damnation and death to be shed. The most striking difference is, of course, that while vampires were said, they suck the blood of mortals to feed and keep alive, so for selfish reasons, the Son of God gave His blood for all free, forgiveness and eternal living wills.


The question now, Christian families should avoid reading vampire novels and vampire movies? The answer is, if some of them to desist. And if you really need and can help AOT reading such novels, at least I can do is, with their young daughters about how these characters and novels based on them to speak in opposition to God, and true word AOS general principles. I think this is a healthy perspective on vampires and such a dark soul. Even if they can disappear a subject of debate, not a mystical aura around this myth. In any case, parents should feel responsible for whether or not allow their teenage fiction or films to be read as such.

Well, here are some quotes from the Bible, the Old Testament to be more accurate if we angry against the drinking of blood are warned:
“But flesh with its life, the blood should not eat them. If (Genesis 9:4)

“Just be sure not to eat blood: Blood is life, and you can not eat the life with the meat.” (Deuteronomy 12:23) This was only to make clear why the whole idea of ​​the vampire is not OK with Christianity and God’s word.

But there is another kind of bad about the idea of ​​vampires in general. For example, American Christian pastor, preacher and editor of the magazine with the name of AW Tozer spoke of his personal “feeling that a notable heresy has come arisen in evangelical Christian circles, Äìthe widely accepted concept that we can choose people to Christ accept just because we need him as Savior and that we have the right to postpone our obedience to him as Lord, as long as we do “(I call it heresy, Harrisburg, PA. Christian Publications, 1974 p. 5) Later He has also claimed that the “salvation apart from obedience is unknown in the Scriptures.” So, if we not only use in the real sense, of course, only the blood of Christ, to cleanse us from our sins and safely to our eternal salvation from death and hell hole and go for a sinful life, we get another lie and what are the worst we AOS death, hell and separation from God forever as a result, the fact that acting better than vampires?

 By Taha Mateen


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