Walnuts is a source of energy

Rich texture, delicious in taste and carrying numerous nutritious benefits for your health, nuts are one of the most popular food groups of our diet, contaning a unique balance of vitamins and minerals, nuts are small treasuries of complex proteins, needed for growth and maintenance of different body function and tissues.

However, it will be erroneous to classify them as a ‘light meal ‘and their daily intake ratio should not exceed the following amounts; small-sized nuts,e.g pine nuts,100 kernels, medium-sized nuts, such as hazelnuts 30-50 kernels and large nuts,like’walnuts’,10-15 pieces at the most each type of nut has its own properties and benefits.

From the point of view of nutritions value walnuts are perhaps the most valued.

Eating five walnuts a day can provide the daily required intake of vitamine C for an adult, but it should be noted that the nutrients are best absorbed by the body only when the nuts are chewed slowly so they can be digested with ease. Rich in fiber, magnesium and antioxidants, walnuts are a great source of omega 3 fatty acid, or the good fats,that are known to reduce’bad’LDL cholesterol. The father of medicine,Hippocrates,considered  walnuts to be beneficial in treatment of the stomach, liver and kidney diseases whereas the ancient Greek belived them to be a food of heroes.indeed,walnuts can efficiently enhance muscle strength and relive muscle fatigue; that is why eating three to four kernels of walnuts may help revive one’s energy.

Walnuts are also called’ a feast for the brain, as the regular intake of at least two nuts a day is belived to improve one’s memory. The combination of walnuts with raisins is belived to strengthen the heart muscle while a mixture of green (unripe) nuts with honey is said to be a great immunity booster. Three kernels of walnuts made into smooth paste with spoon of honey taken in the morning are belived to be beneficial for patients suffering from thyroid gland dysfunctions.

Walnuts elixir is said to effectively speed up the recovery period after a difficult operation of trauma. Wash and chop 100 grams of aloe leaves, cover with one and half glass of water; strain after half and hour, add 500 grams of crushed walnuts kernels and 300 grams of honey. Store the elixir in an airtight glass container in a cool dark place. Take one tablespoon three time a day, half and hour before a meal.

An infusion, made of the walnut tree leaves is recommended in case of irregular menstrual cycle; pour two cup of boiling water over one and a half tablespoon of crushed walnuts leaves; drain after infusing for at least two hours. Take 25to 30 mille liters three time a day before a meal. It can be used as an effective diuretic as well.

By Shamim Bokhari(204/10)


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