we can defeat Enemy by Knowledge

knowledge is power this is true, whether the power which knowledge gives be used  for good or for evil  by his medical knowledge , the doctor can cure disease and save his patient life  but the blackmailer, by his knowledge of some guilty secret, can  bleed his victim  white under the threat of disclosure  in general, the man who knows has an advantage over the man who does not know  in this way the educated classes have always been able to rule over the ignorant

 During the middle ages in Europe , the only educated man were the priests. Great barons, brave knights, kings  and ruling princess very often could not even read and write. Kings had to appoint priests as their ministers. Unless the king was a man of very strong character, the power, nominally his, was in the hands of learned and clever priests.  The soldier, the man of the sword, thought he was the master, but he was really in the hands of the priest, the man of the pen. The pen was mightier then the sword.

 In the same way and for the same reason, civilized nations can dominate unaware savage races. A handful of  EUROPEANS in Africa can control millions of African citizens.  It is their superior knowledge , and the weapons , organization and character which that  knowledge , has given them, that give the white races power over these races which are physically their equals.

 We the PAKISTANI NATION called our self as a educated and developed nation but how we can say that we are educated, we are developing country ? we are too much stand behind in the line of developed countries  just because of that, that we do not have the power of knowledge.  We are too much far in the race of latest technologies education, in medical sciences, in I.T technologies and much more.  So knowledge is power is not only a just article or sayings of somebody but its true that we can prove  our selves to act upon on it.

 In Europe and America today, education is so widespread that even the working classes are educated persons. As they have advanced in knowledge, the common people have advanced in power. So in the great democracies the people now rule themselves, and are no longer  under the DOMINATION of king and priests.

 Physically, man is a comparatively weak animal. He cannot naturally run like the horse, not fly like the birds. He is no match in strength for the elephant, the loin or the bear. He has no natural weapons of defense like the tiger fangs and claws. Yet he conquers all these strong and violent   beasts, and forces some of them to be his servants. It his superior knowledge and intelligence that make him the master of creatures superior to him in physically strength.


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