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With the growing usage of internet worldwide a greater traffic is acknowledged online. People are using this medium as their business door and we find millions of customers searching various items daily on internet. Web hosting has become vital part of computer business and people are making a lot of money with a low initial investment and dedication. There are the ways to start a web hosting business such as;

  1. Reseller
  2. VPS
  3. Dedicated Server. 

The beginners can start with reseller account thus providing good platform as well as saving in investment. Many worthy resellers are present on internet. A reseller host provides the web space and bandwidth as well as necessary web hosting features. Obviously you need your own website and a strategy to promote your business on internet. The ultimate cost will be nearly 20 to 30 dollars per month.

Virtual private server is fairly good for the persons who have readily customers available on internet or websites with big traffic. This option is bit expensive but with an excellent control. The changing and customizing of plans and packages allow you to override the reseller limitations. Such as there would be restriction on number of websites, etc. Dedicated servers are used for big number of customers. The successful business owners do have a lot of customers and they normally deploy servers for new customers and clients. This system is capable to host hundreds to thousands of small websites. A medium sized dedicated machine will cost from100 to 500 dollars per month depending upon the selection of host and features. A better back-end service provider can help to flourish the business largely.

The highly functional and attractive website may claim a rightful portion of millions of users who search the internet daily. So working with a professional developer is quite significant all the way to success.    

By Umar Saleh


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