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The business website is considered to be a vital marketing medium as it is equally important to boost the business volume, so, a proper website brings the ultimate success. A website perfectly designed and well organized draws the business volume to a good extent. Making a perfect website includes many significant factors and steps to be adopted. The choice of colors used for text may deliver an adequate impression as well as the background color scheme will be equally important component to be considered carefully. The proper visibility will determine the tone of your website presentation. The text colors should not interfere the background colors at all. On the other hand the text size should not be very small or so big that might not suit to entire theme. The small text size is always hard to read and can cause strain to eyes and similarly the large text will need a lot of scrolling as well. The alignment of text is also important to be considered as most websites use the text aligned to the left side instead of keeping it aligned into the central axis or at right side.

The navigation of website and links within text help the website explorers to navigate accordingly to find whatever they are looking for. The presence of clear navigation on the top and location of links will determine the quality of design and easy accessibility to the content. The differentiated items design will make the website easy for the users to click.

The design consistency will also be helpful to provide a professional look to the website by presenting uniformity accordingly. The selection of fonts and styles may bring a good texture to the website.  The usage of same format in the inner pages, heading and link colors will determine the good quality of web designing.  The usage of elements that takes a long time to download should be eliminated to keep the website quick. A time limit of 10 to 15 seconds should be kept for downloading. Certain measures should help to build a successful website.

Author; Umar Saleh.


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