Weight loss can be an easy task ?

We often observe patients whose complaining to the doctor that they are dieting all the time but they can’t lose any weight. Many people think that weight lose is a frustrating effort. Even they work hard for weight loss and try their level best but all in vain. They don’t eat any thing which can be harmful for their weight loss and they work out in several times but their all efforts become ineffective. So what are the basic reasons for the failure? Why we don’t lose weight?

The failure of weight loss diet plans may have many reasons but we are explaining here the important one to watch out our faults. First of all we are living in the modern era and we are too much use to of lavishness and comfort. And as a result we become indolent or motionless. So first of all we should change our daily routines, we should work out more and should walk or exercise more then ever.

Secondly a good number of people are found of fast foods like burgers, fries, club sandwiches, pizzas & pastas and many more. These all foodstuff are full of extra calories and incredibly harmful for your diet plan. And sometimes we eat extra food but we forgot it and we think that we didn’t eat anything and this habit may destroy our health, over weight us or may fail our diet plan. Often we have less hunger but we eat a lot and this routine makes our diet plan be unsuccessful.

Avoiding fast foods or sweets like chocolate cakes & cookies, puddings, sweet dishes may help you in losing weight but a few numbers of people keep away from sweets or cakes but they don’t like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. As we know that fresh fruits and vegetables are a big source for vitamins, minerals and fiber and the big benefit of these fruits and vegetable is, that they have low fat calories. However a large number of people don’t like to eat it.

Some people follow all the instructions of doctors for weight loss but often they don’t know that how much time they should exercise for weight loss. First of all they must consult their physician and ask about it. When the doctor identifies his/her weight then he may suggest the exact instance that how many hours should patients of obesity walk or exercise for burning their calories. In this article we attempts to describe the mistakes and faults which may fail our diet plan and remain our obesity problem for us. So just follow the instructions and make successful your dieting procedure.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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