What is Self defense ?

Self defense means protection of oneself from physical attack, which cannot be avoided. Self defense is a name of art which can protect us from the sudden attacker or from the person who want to injure us. Self defense a technique which can save us from the assaults of enemy and we can save the others too.

May be a few number of people don’t know that what is self defense? And how it works. In movies we often seen that a bad guy or a couple of men suddenly attacks on the alone girl or men and the girl punch a kick on his sensitive part of body or may be stabs her keys on his eyes or may be throw her purse to his face. So if she done all that so she is protecting her self or we can say doing this in her self defense. A person whether he or she fights to accumulate their selves from dangerous enemy or unexpected invader or mugger called self defense.

Maximum number of people thinks that kicking in marshal art style is self defense but self defense actually means doing everything possible to avoid fighting someone who threatens or attacks you. Self defense is all about using your intelligence not you fists.

Common men who live in this society and moves in society don’t think about it until he need it. They realize their basic need when they don’t have enough money to hire a security guard or a high tech security services. So in this situation only one way remain left in front of us and that is safety of ourselves through self defense. Some times situation or condition may be so critical or worse that cant be handle for example a girl or a boy caught by many aggressors so how he or she can defend their selves ? Yes only the self defense is a only way to save their selves. In a self defense he or she can run away and save their selves, can throw a purse or a bag on the face of attackers, can punch or kick a person on the sensitive part’s of body and the very last step can use a gun or weapon for saving his/her life from attacker.

But the very best way is that, that you should ran away and reach fast to your car or a safe place where there is crowd and you can be feel safety there. Many self defense specialists have researched and have their strong views that, the self defense is a name of presence of mind. In serious or dangerous situation we can save our selves just because of wisdom not a marshal arts or kung fu , nor other techniques can save us except the presence of mind.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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  1. Pedro says:

    wow this is all like exactly how i feel. i love these vieods. cuz when i cut im in a state of mind that is so irrational. but this is a great video. im just really glad that people have felt the same exact way that i have.

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