Why girls get professional education?

We the Pakistani nation, is a nation who loves their culture and customs. And we are really admirer of our culture and customs and follow these customs with love and prosperity. Every typical Pakistani knows about Pakistan and its different cultures of several ethnic or tribal areas. Every tribal area has their own values and customs and as a part of a nation we know very well that the people of rural areas same as urban areas don’t like that their ladies come out of their houses.

While the past has gone, and the people got knowledge about the benefits of education and literacy. And currently the people have courage to send their daughters, sisters and wives to go out and get high-quality education. Now the ladies have obtained victory in every field of life especially in medical, teaching, and management fields.

Medical field is a very noble and respected field anywhere in the world as same as in Pakistan. The girls work hard to get high marks in order to obtain admissions in medical collages. They study their related subjects with great interest and become a doctor. After completing their education the large numbers of lady doctors get married and depart their profession forever. As every one knows that medical profession is complicated and thorny profession and getting education of it, is as well much harder.

Similarly, study of Engineering and Business Administration is too tough and complicated and not an easy task for any one to choose it for study or as a career. But the girls also show an interest in these fields and as well as obtaining achievements.

Although the girls are successful in these difficult fields but the question arrive here that when they will leave the profession after getting married? Then why they decide to choose these tough tasks? Why they take over the right of many deprived boys who want to be an engineer & medical officer and business administrator? If the girls don’t want to take these professions as a career, then why they waste millions of rupees of government which spend for their education. This is not fair, nor a justice with other equitable and rightful boys who want to study and who want to make their career in these fields.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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