Why is the sky blue ?

The sky appears blue to us because the light from the sun is broken up and scattered by the tiny particles of air, dust and water vapor in the atmosphere. Sun light like all white light is made up of all the colors of the spectrum, the same colors we see in the rainbow. If we were to take rays of light of all these different colors and mix them, we would have white light.

We are fairly certain that it has a wave-like nature in other words, waves of light spread out, something like the ripples. We see spreading through a pool when we thrown a stone into the water. Light of different colors moves in waves of different lengths. The waves of blue light are much shorter then those of red or orange light.

When the light of the sun passes through the earth’s atmosphere and strikes against the tiny particles in the air, the blue part of the light is of just the right wave length to be scattered by these particles. The red and orange light, having longer wave-lengths, pass right through the atmosphere. The scattering of the blue light makes the sky blue. Also because it is scattered in the sky, it dose not come through to our eyes as part of the color of the sun itself. For this reason the sun looks much yellowier to us then it really is, because the blue light has been left behind in the sky itself.

In the morning and in the evening at sun rise and sunset, however, we have often noticed the beautiful reds and oranges

 in the sky. At these times, the light of the sun passes through a greater layer of atmosphere then it does at other times of the day. It strikes more of the dust particles near the surface of the earth and then the red and orange waves of light are broken up.

Most of the color of any kind that we see in the sky is caused by the atmosphere. If there were no atmosphere, the sky would always appear a very deep black. Without any atmosphere, however, there would still be some color in the heavens. The stars that are blue or red or yellow-any color-would still keep their same colors, since these colors are not in any way due to the effects of the atmosphere of the earth.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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