Why street crimes are common in our society ?

Street crimes are so familiar in our society even a child of 8 or 9 years can tell us about these crimes but the question arrives here that why these crimes are frequent in our society, why these crimes became a part of our lives? Why? The snatching mobile phones from men, grabbing a purse from ladies, taking a motor bike from men’s, on gun point, stealing the money from travelers in the streets etc.   

I have seen in many cases that young boys of high society are involved in that street crimes. The young generation of high society have every facility of life, they gets education in high standard institutes, they obtains the liberty, they acquires from their parents each and every kind of luxuries and capability of freedom in their lives. But these young’s don’t have attention of their parents and secondly the bad company of their friends infringes their nature. Most of boys creates the gang and starts the violence in their areas. They do it just for thrill, for adventure and for fun in their lives. As I told that these young boys and girls haven’t proper concentration of their guardians so they involves in bad company and become a part.

Not only the young generation of high society is involved but the young’s of deprived and poor families are also engaged in these offenses. The children of underprivileged families haven’t many comforts of life and they are grown up in the environment of deficiency and poverty. They grown up to watch out the dreams of good days and this hope for good days persist them to commit a crime. Luxuries and comforts of life influence them and guide them to cheat others, tease others and use others for their intentions.

Not only poverty and richness are the big causes of these misdeeds but the awful and terrible behaviors of parents, sisters and brothers and other loving relations are also can be a reason for crimes. I have read many stories in newspapers that a person became a criminal because of wrong behavior. Cruelty and hurting some one can be a cause of it.

Spreading the huge number of police men’s in the streets and control the crimes in streets aren’t the solution of this problem. If we want to resolve this trouble then every body should give attention to their children’s activities, every wealthy man and woman proves their selves as good parents, and every deprived man and woman shouldn’t beat their children’s when they insist for something. Only the nice behavior of family members, friends and teachers can control this trouble and we can free our society from this dirt.

  By Rehana khan(111/10)


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