Women feel unsafe

The latest subject of discussion among women these days is not corruption, but of feeling unsafe.

The recent spate of violent crimes against women’s in the national capital has got various women’s organizations and NGO’s up in arms. They are knocking at the doors of home ministry personnel. A survey conducted of women aged 18 to 45 by synovate, a global market research agency; conclude that 70 per cent of women feel unsafe. While 60 per cent said that they had personally faced harassment by men, 54 per cent considered it dangerous to step out alone after 8pm.

At least 64 per cent of women needed a male companion to accompany them while venturing out in the night and almost 50 per cent felt more police presence was the answer to improve security.

Police image; the survey suggested that the police needed to restore its own image and the win the confidence of women. Lack of confidence was reflected in the force, as an overwhelming number reported not having gone to the police even though they faced an unpleasant experience. It not only indicates the futility of reporting matters, but also the fact that when any unwanted incident happened, no one came to rescue of the victim. Why should women have to sit at home doing nothing, just because men want to have their way? it was impossible for any women to be a chaperoned by a man every time she ventured out ‘this certainly is not the solution, in wake of the recent cases, the police has issued a list of guidelines which have been made mandatory for all BPOs, corporate houses and media organizations in the city to ensure the safety of the women staff. Violation of these guidelines will mean a jail term of up to six months. The police directed the establishments to maintain a database for all employees, security personnel cab drivers and contractual workers and asked the organizations to hire contractual staff from licensed agencies only. the order read; it must be ensured that women employees are not made to travel alone with the cab driver at night and a duly verified security guard is invariably deployed in each cab.” with a spate in activity after the kidnap and rape of a Mizo girl, a civil society delegation met Delhi’s chief minister to camping for safer Delhi for women.

Lansinglu rongmi, president of the north East support centre and helpline said; we submitted a 15-point list of demands to her to make the city safe. The matter has become a concern for all women and young girls, although the issue of easy targeting of women from the North East remains a major worry.

Patrol; night’s patrols in unsafe areas, seething up of CCTV cameras and companies to follow safety guidelines. The centre felt that Delhi police must learn to be proactive rather then reactive in tackling the issue of safety for women. As long as the police and the government machineries remain in reactive mode, crimes like rape will continue to happen.

By Shamim Bokhari(204/10)


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