Women in business

Women are playing a significant role in the growing business avenues. We find a great number of women actively participating in the economy of world’s business platform. They represent their business in almost every sphere of life. They are vigorously accepting the new challenges of economy and finance. They are accepting the challenging jobs with proper responsibility. These women can be called as female leaders, a source of intuition for other women of the world. No doubt, they have to take risks and to stand against the fluctuation of economic graph in a male dominant society. The confidence they have in their skills can make them to work vigorously. To take a startup in business requires life-changing efforts and this must be appreciated and recognized fully.

The new ideas are the basis and lifeblood of any new or running business. There is always a space to improve on, in normal life we experience always working women relying upon advices from the experts and finding new ways of success. In my opinion they must be highly appreciated and a gift of peace of mind should be given to them.

Women prefer their own business than doing job. They have the guts to prove themselves in the race of economy along men. They are working shoulder to shoulder along men. The age in which the women were considered to be inside the four walls of the house is diminished now and women are working on the professional level in the market of business. The women who own their own business should be appreciated well. Women are commonly doing the business of garments, fabrics, cosmetics, jewelry and textile designing. They also fancy the job of interior decorator as it is the work according to their taste and aptitude. They are also earning the name and fame in their jobs. Women secure more than half of the population of a country so the should work for themselves for their family and also for the development of the country. It not only helps them in grooming their personality but also make them able to move in society with elegance and dignity.

  By Umar Saleh(315/10)


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