Working Mother’s Are The Best or Not

Mother when this word comes in to our imagination, we cant think except this that a mother is a personality who have only love, sacrifice, politeness, soft words and much more prayers for us. Mother always shows care for their children, the first only book and school for children is mothers lap. Actually mother is responsible for childrens best development & growth, for education, for setting good behavior, and for adopting good values.

 But how a WORKING MOTHER can perform all of these responsibilities in a best way? As we know that a working women have to come out of their houses because of their jobs. They are carrying out double duties, duty of a job and responsibility of home. They have to look after their houses and children but as well as perform their duty as a good employee. Can we imagine that a single person can perform or fulfill his twice duties in a better way?

 In EUROPEN & AMERICAN countries every woman is working, they are working in offices, shops, scientific labs, bars, hotels, schools, and hospitals. They also look after their children and houses, it’s a great achievement for them but if we observe the lives of single working mothers we will see a lot of problems there. They can’t pay attention to their children properly, they don’t have much time to spend with their families, and even they don’t have time for their own selves.

 When a child is ignored by his  mother, he/she will become lazy, ill mannered, irritable, wicked and ill tempered. As we say in the beginnings that a LAP OF MOTHER is a first school for her child so when a child deprived from his first training so how we can expect from him that he or she will become a civilized person of society.

  The great religion ISLAM tells us that the women should not come out of their houses with out any purpose or reason because a woman has a great responsibility on her shoulders.  They have to serve their husbands, they have to manage their houses, and they have to bring up their children as a fine, civilized, mannered and educated members of a society. And all of this can only be perform when a mother stay at home. WORKING Moms can’t be good mothers and good wives because all of this needs suitable time but working mothers don’t have sufficient time to spend with family and make their houses home.  

 By Rehana Khan


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