Yoga for high blood pressure or hypertension

Hypertension occurs when the pressure in our system obtains high enough primary risks in our system. It is also usually known as high blood pressure, which passes on the quantity of pressure in our arteries. Diagnosing the hypertension we must have read several reasons which cause the hypertension. If the rate of blood pressure goes as high as 140/90 then it can cause hypertension. Hypertension also narrated to the other diseases like stroke, heart attack, coronary artery disease.

Primary hypertension commonly caused by stress and injury. It has no specific symptoms but the different reasons like emotional disturbance, heredity, race, climatic situation, obesity, smoking and alcohol intake. And the secondary hypertension, which may be caused by kidney infection, malfunctioning of endocrine glands, etc. While it has no specific symptoms and it is known as a silent killer. If not treated in early stage then become a reason for death.

Here we will read about yoga that how could yoga helps you. A yoga lifestyle helps treat and prevent hypertension through mind and body activities. May the following yoga poses help you to manage your problem? 

 (Easy pose Sukhasana) this is one of the classic meditative pose which is usually performed after corpse pose. The easy pose helps in straightening the spinal column, slowing down metabolism, promoting inner stillness, and keeping your mind still.

(Shoulder starches) shoulder stretches are another pose which is helpful in releasing stress and tension on shoulders, in addition free entire upper back. You will notice the change in some days.

(Cat pose) or Bidalasana, the cat yoga pose teaches the begin movement from your centre and to organize the movement and breath. But be careful about this cat pose because if you have any constant or current back pain or damage.

(Half spinal twist) or Ardha matsyendrasana, if you done this yoga pose regularly then it lengthens and strengthens your spin, it is as well as advantageous for liver, kidney and adrenal glands. You must perform this pose under the supervision of yoga trainer. So these are the only few poses which you can try in your house and release your tension not only tension but a hypertension and avoid this hazardous disease just by regularly practicing of yoga.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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