5 Golden Time Management Rules to follow in Freelancing

Freelancing is a job that is usually looked down upon while talking of full-time jobs. People grant it as a part-time activity that will drive bucks into their accounts. But when they actually get to work as a freelance, initially they find themselves lost in managing their time. By acting upon the following golden rules of time management, one can surely manage his/her time wisely and can turn out to be an effective freelancer.

Make a schedule

The first and foremost step of any activity in life in planning. One must plan the process before actually getting into it. An effective plan can help you in making things easy to follow. For this purpose, firstly you need to make a schedule. Divide your time according to your need and then stick to it.

Jolt down the Distractions

Sit down! Relax! and think about the distractions that are causing hurdles in your time management. Jolt it down on a paper and work to get rid of them.

Write it down

Write down your daily activities regarding freelancing and other life activities which are eating most of your time. It will help you in managing and dividing your time on crucial matters more wisely .

Remember that you’re in charge of your time

You must realize that time is money and you are in charge of your 24 hours a day. This is up to you, how you divide and conquer your time.

Learn to Say No

Lastly, learn to say no to matters and activities that are not productive and can be compromised without costing you any loss. There are too many activities in our life that are not productive at all and we follow on a daily basis. Its time to say no to all of them in order to be an effective, efficient and productive freelancer.


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