Time Management

Time is the most important factor in our lives, it never stops and we cannot freeze any moment all the way or it can never get back. Once the time is gone it will be subtracted from our life. Time passes quickly and we feel that we have wasted our most precious asset just doing nothing. We must train ourselves to utilize it most effectively and in constructive manner to achieve our goals in such a short span of life.

How can we manage to do things well in time? We plan daily and still we manage to do only urgent jobs yet ignoring the most important things to work upon. Our biggest problem remains adjusting our routine jobs and dream jobs. Sometimes we work whole night and still we can’t resolve our matters of work fully. We feel frustrated and again try to list up the important things to be done accordingly.

We are not super human beings; all we have is limited to some extent only we can manage to utilize our time with best schedule. The most important thing is to concentrate upon our goals and targets and not allowing the things going out of control. We should give priority to our dreams and don’t let mishaps to work against that what we deserve in life. Scheduling of daily work routine jobs in the start of the day will help to manage regular schedules of whole day. The good idea is to picture your urgent jobs and dream jobs on daily basis and try to maintain it with seriousness. The enjoyment is also a vital part of our daily routine life and never ignores it at any cost. While busy in daily routine jobs you will be able to bear hard work with a pleasant feeling of enjoyment just after finishing it.

By Umar Saleh


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