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Reduce your Communication barrier

 Before you get to know, different ways to overcome barriers of communication is very important to understand and identify various barriers to effective communication. These barriers language barriers because of differences in language and understanding, interpersonal barriers are the difference between two people or perceived lack of understanding, physical barriers can reveal the presence of […]

7 Great Communication Barriers

Many people believe that communication is easy. It’s something that I did my whole life. There is some truth in this simplistic view. Communication is very simple. What is complex, difficult, frustrating and we are obstacles in the way down. Here are 7 top barriers. 1. Physical barriers. Physical barriers in the workplace include: * […]

Creative Writing skills

Creative writing is an imaginative job and challenging too. People who are doing this job find it emotionally rewarding. This job is basically associated with practicing and the right way is to write with concentration. It is also a matter of discovering a writer in you. While sitting on the table and writing on a […]

Color Speaks

God has created approximately 18000 creatures in this universe. we are one of them and are blessed with numerous blessings attractions and luxeries.If we brief all of them, we need much time to describe their natures and effects on our lives because every creature has its own communication powers. Colors are one of the remarkable […]

Communication Skills

Communication is the key factor of management in any organization; it is a process of conveying information, thoughts, ideas, plans and opinions among different parts of an organization. The basis of human relations is not possible without communication, no doubt, clear and operative communication is required to keep going human relations and also for a […]