Creative Writing skills

Creative writing is an imaginative job and challenging too. People who are doing this job find it emotionally rewarding. This job is basically associated with practicing and the right way is to write with concentration. It is also a matter of discovering a writer in you. While sitting on the table and writing on a note book doesn’t makes a writers work rather it is a matter of profound contemplation and depth. A deliberate action without a skill or a skill without deliberate action cannot be successful in this field. To be creative writer is beyond the writing standards we normally expect.

The creative writer is not money minded, he chooses a topic and go into the minor details and try to find something novel and fantastic, this may be in one hour or one month or a year and so on. That’s why creative ideas and creative writers are rare to find. Very few people take this challenge and work with consistent attitude. The natural knack of mind is obviously important to stand as a writer however to polish the talent is equally important. Thinking fast and writing fast is the another rule for the writer, any slower move will change the continuity of work quality. The drawing of outlines while on the brainstorming stage would be helpful to stick the subject properly. The most important thing would be professional looking manuscript without grammatical mistakes and errors. The object of story with certain directions should be calculated before taking a start. The creative writer should also have the ability to manage the plot through proper characterization and a strong story line. The work should sound like real and authentic all the way. The start of storyline would be maintained throughout the work. Any critical situation should be crafted in a way that would result in a logical way.

 By Umar saleh


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