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Is Polycarbonate harmful?

Poly carbonate, otherwise known as brand name Lexan. They are widely used in modern chemical industry, where they can be easily processed and molded into different shapes and can also form a thermoplastic. They show a high capacity heat resistance, impact resistance and optical properties. They are not classified separately in a position their property, […]


  Pollution is the contamination of environment with waste products and other impurities. The waste products produced by the human beings give rise to the pollution. This is very harmful for our health and our world which is also our home too. There are many harmful types of pollution air pollution, water pollution and soil […]


Pollution is known as the contamination, caused by a chemical to effect the environment and makes it unfit for desired use. In other words, we can say that pollution damages the original natural form of life. It brings damage to natural air, water resources and land. The contaminations have adverse effect on wild and biological […]