Pollution is known as the contamination, caused by a chemical to effect the environment and makes it unfit for desired use. In other words, we can say that pollution damages the original natural form of life. It brings damage to natural air, water resources and land. The contaminations have adverse effect on wild and biological life existence. It hinders the natural phenomenon of life cycle as well as to sustain life in all its pure forms. The presence of chemical elements brings damage to human health and natural performance of ecosystems.

Human beings, the inhabitants of this world are the main cause of polluting it just for their material interests. Some natural disasters may be as source of it but mainly human actions are responsible for this damage. The pollution exists in different forms such as the improper disposal of garbage thrown by people.

Air is polluted due to so many factors such as automobile emissions, heavy vehicles on highway; shipping etc.The pollution caused by urban areas is generally known as smog, a photochemical. The nuclear reactors are being used for the production of electricity and for defense purposes, their emissions in the form of radio active pollution is a question mark on the human safety preferences.

The countries known for tremendous development as well they hold the flags of human rights are the main cause of polluting the earth and environment. The industrial giants have done billions of investments in their production and processing sectors where a heavy amount of contaminated materials is damaging the earth frequently. America is the main source of unstoppable industrial waste causing almost three million tons of toxic chemicals causing a huge portion of environmental pollution. This type of environmental damage may cause respiratory infections and severe health complexities.

It is the dilemma of this modern age that polluting of environment is in progress on regular basis. The irresistible growth of technology has given us so many wonders to enjoy on the other hand it has taken the essence of pure life from us. The richness in human lifestyles and high standards of comfort has dropped the purity of natural advantages. The noise pollution has placed life into an unpleasant area of disturbance, all the time loud sounds arising from factories, vehicals, and railways continuously harming the human health causing headaches, irritation and hearing defects.


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