Color Speaks

God has created approximately 18000 creatures in this universe. we are one of them and are blessed with numerous blessings attractions and luxeries.If we brief all of them, we need much time to describe their natures and effects on our lives because every creature has its own communication powers.

Colors are one of the remarkable blessings of God and they convey their message to us in their own way of communication. Colors have a solid effect on our lives. We can enjoy our moments by seeing different color of flowers, different colors of bed sheets, curtains, in paints and even select different color of flowers in our garden and lawns.

Color makes our personality, a charming one. Different colors are related with different stars, with different occasions such as in our weddings yellow is specific for mehndi because of it’s a sign of celebration during spring season. So we cannot neglect them in our daily lives they communicate us in their own way like general prescription about color are: blue relates with the sky and give effect of calm and smooth sleep, it is used in bedrooms. However more blue can dampen us the spirits.

Red: this color is considered for love, it also express anger. This enhance our activities however we can’t tolerate it more because of its tiring effect.

Green: it communicates and gives the message of nature and enhances our thinking ability, by using this color we can improve our vision

White: this color gives the message of neatness, purity and relate with the spiritual values.
Violet: it indicates fantasy of dream state. In its negative sense nightmares and madness are observed.
In this advance era, in developed countries different diseases are treated by use of different color. Question is to go deep for the study of these colors effectiveness and communication pattern in it. So, that we may minimize our stress hours and make our life, a blessing one.

By hina nisar (288/10)


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