Daughters and Society

Why does a father get depressed at the news of a daughter’s addition in his family? Why does a mom long for a son when gets conceived every time? Why does a brother hesitate to accompany a sister when going outside? Look around and read more if you find such familiar questions around you. You must have heard people burying their daughters alive in the dark ages. You must have heard about Arabs of old ages losing their daughters in the game of chess. You must have heard about ignorant and uncivilized tribes marrying their daughters with their Holy Books? Have you? I am sure you must have heard.

My heart aches and my soul numbs when I see such happenings going around even in the modern age of 21st century. I felt myself trembling at T.V news where a father is imprisoned for burying his daughter alive. I can’t stop crying as I heard more; he was reported to force the hospital administration to give a poisonous injection to his daughter. This is the death of humanity; this is a slap on the face rather on the mask of this advanced civilization.

For God’s sake, don’t take me wrong, I am not writing against the sons of mothers yet I am talking about undue privileges and favors that male members of family enjoy. I am talking about deprivations that a daughter has to face just because she is a female. I can quote here thousands of examples of social, educational, economical, cultural and sexual exploitations that our daughters become victim of. Why is this so that we are still unable to change our mind sets even when we have travelled twenty one centuries ahead than the stone ages.

I want you to ponder on my question for a moment before you read on? Why are you afraid of future of a daughter? Can bad things not happen to your son? Can those tragic incidents not come across your son? Your sons are equally vulnerable to the social evils as your daughters are. They have equal chances to live a broken marital life. They have more chances of being unemployed for longer times than those of your daughters. The professions accept females more openly than male members. Coming back to my point, this is quite possible for your son to be entrapped in those circumstances that you’re afraid, may not happen to your daughter.

I shiver at the hearing of gang wraps, sexual abuses and the cruel murders of these poor souls. Don’t think that this happened to them because they were females. You must think that this happened because your society is ignorant, uneducated and uncivilized. Is there any point that can argue against my case? I think no, there is a deep silence in response. The uneducated parents kill an innocent soul by the maltreatment of their daughter. She in return becomes a rigid woman and thinks perhaps this practice should be continued. This is why; she determines to repeat the same things to her daughter as her parents did with her.

I wonder when I come across those mothers who say their sons will share their burden and daughters may become a pain for them. For God sake! Who can foresee the future? There is not even a single and the slightest possibility that can make you think like this. Look around, peep in the foreign countries and try to figure out the true picture. You will find a girl coping with the circumstances with greater tolerance and higher acceptance. On the other hand, male chauvinism and ego make the situations worse.

I do not want to say that sons make the dark aspect of life yet I am just trying to emphasize that daughters do not deserve that much ignorance and curses that we make them prone to. The only thing that makes our daughters to undergo inferiority complex is our negative connotations that we hold about their future. This is very important to have well prosperous society that we bring our daughters up in a well groomed way and give the best mothers to this century.

By: Ammarah Khan


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