Women failed to Nice Guys

What happened, they will say, finally, how big a “friend” you and that she is happy to have you as a friend. Later they will start talking about a guy she recently dealt with it and ask for your opinion. Two of her yet, as time passes by her confidence in you get all the terrible treatment of her by her new boyfriend. While it happened, and you wonder why they are still out of it and they can not see that you would treat them better. Finally, do not come more if the knowledge that they knew exactly how you feel, maybe you’ll realize that would be a good match for them. So you decide to go ahead and say what you have to feel for them.

Guys that is beautiful never to be attractive to women. Most men make the mistake of thinking that the way to victory over a girl buys her nice gifts and things to do, so happy. First, she thinks of your actions as a sweet and very attentive. Since it seems that you keep the positive results from what you do, you are kissing up to them.

They are viewed with sympathy in her eyes and tell you that her relationship with a lot of values ​​and that is to remain best for you two to just friends. You do not. What they do not see this idiot? Sound familiar? So, what idiots do cause women to feel attraction for you?

Learning what causes women to be attracted to men, we will get our answer. Women are wired to feel solid attraction for a man who shows the qualities of a protector and provider. You will not see so if you behave nicely. Now I’m not saying you should become a jerk. But if it is between a nice boring and a bitch that they would choose free attraction, it will choose the jerk.

So what can you do?

Learn what is attractive about the jerk. So what have these properties, which make women fall for them? Glad you asked. First, they should, and every woman you ever meet, not at the top of the list of priorities. If they know you can always remove it will be attractive to you. She thinks of you as a weak man.

Do not be too available. Have your own life. Do not answer the phone all the time and let them wait a while before they return. Do you have an abundance mentality.

Chase them. Instead, they will start chasing you. Please do not accept their behavior and spoil handling. When she was unreasonable and start to throw tantrums, they call out to them does not conform, they are testing.

Finally, you see that price. Do you believe that any woman who happened to catch your imagination, will have a great time. We meet the man, knocking the socks off them. Do not try to “impress” them to do something. So it did not know why women like jerks. Wimpy stop your behavior. Grow some gonads and go to work for you. Start with the man that women are, instead of throwing, the way that women are “friends” zone.

By Taha Mateen


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