Need for emotional connection with autonomy in a relationship balance

Many times, when relationships feel merged the two men because they are both focused on their mutual needs and desires. During the honeymoon phase, everyone looks the other in an idealized way. The reality of negotiations their differences in background and there is much difference between a person and needs of others. The relationship is based on each person’s needs for the connection, mostly physically, and there is little room for differences.

Feeling emotionally connected relationships are key to a good life is to be had. But how do you stay in touch without a sense of autonomy? It is often difficult to find a balance between these two things. Suffer in a relationship when one partner loses their connection with other suffers, and if they lose their sense of autonomy relationship.
The most common, is to lose a person their autonomy, to lose touch with their own needs. Often it feels like I could hurt someone or make angry if we do what we need to express you. If we are afraid of damaging the relationship to express our own needs, it often appears that takes the other person, a simpler solution is to negotiate the differences. If a person can build too many compromises, their needs go unmet resentment. Sorry, unable to express feelings of separation in the relationship needs cases, namely, by compromising us we do not create multiple connections.

An example is when a person more time for themselves than other needs. This can be a problem if the need for time alone will be rejected as a rejection or feeling. It is very difficult to say “I need to spend time alone; for fear that the other person will react negatively. Instead of feelings of rejection and to talk about the person who needs” their space “gives up and cuts off the need for their own. The relationship suffers because needs are getting met one person over another.

It is important to be able to discuss differences in a relationship. The first step is to bring each person to express what they need and want and need to listen and the other person. Second, when do feelings, either in person, in response to the needs of other people, it is important to express feelings and to hear them. We usually find it easier to negotiate if we really understand what the other person feels. The final step is for both people to find a middle way to the ground, where no one feels threatened.

With its own autonomy means to know and express what you need in your relationships and can negotiate with your partner if you differences. Reminder that you negotiate responsible for growing their own needs and interests of their own needs and not break down if they differ from your partner, you hesitate for what you need..

Meeting the needs of their own autonomous and negotiated, if necessary and you give up your emotional energy to bring your relationship. If any person who brings energy, their relationship, it can grow and more fulfilling.

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By Taha Mateen


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