Life in city presents us the modern side of life along with all the facilities and comforts.  Life in a city is fast, busy and restless. The people of cities don’t have time to enjoy their social life. They are in hurry all the time. The streets and roads of cities are crowded. They don’t have time to stand and stare. City life is quite different from village life. City life is just like a terminable war in different battlefields. This life is full of comforts, facilities and charms. The life offers a lot of opportunities to amuse and enjoy.  There is large number of markets, shops, shopping malls and plazas in cities. Where everyone can do shopping easily and can buy all the things which are necessary for the survival of human life. There are hospitals in cities present in every town provide 24 hour service to the patients. They enjoy the latest mean of transportation and communication.

A large number of factories, companies and offices are situated in cities due to which people get job every soon. The facility of school, college and university is also provided by the city life as education is the essential part of their life. In spite of these merits there are some elements of this life also.

Nothing is pure, not even the air. Noise and air pollution is the integral part of the environment of this life. The life is too busy and restless. But all these things are compensate by the luxuries of the city life. The sanitation problems are seen growing in our cities because the absence of good governance has brought tremendous defects in the structural design of sewerage. The corrupt administration levels have caused the encroachments and the problem of traffic is tremendously increased. Unplanned shopping malls and private sector colonies have brought a suffocated effect in the cities. Crime rates are so high that no one is secured even in his own house. Police department seems to be sleeping and the citizens are ought to pay different taxes to fill the pockets of corrupt politicians and administration. Land prices are soared so high that middle class at present cannot think to buy their own house. The influence of land mafia has produced a fatal effect on middle class expenditure plans. By good governance our cities can be made beautiful and attractive.

By Umar Saleh


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