Change thinking and achieve a better lifestyle

A person with some form of intense, usually I say “type attitude.” This comment was simply the fact a lot of truth. An individual model of behavior is directly from the set of attitudes he develops through childhood are regulated. This set of attitudes is a state of mind known to regulate and basically how to live your life. You can change your mind and better lifestyle, if desired, and this has brought in a nice well-researched book entitled Thinking was: New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck.

Dweck admits that there are essentially two types of mentalities that govern human behavior in general, the mentality and mindset of growth assets. The type of mentality you will in all areas of your life such as relationships, education, employment, sports and so reflected. The book focuses mainly on the explanation of those attitudes, how they affect a person’s life and how it is possible to change your mindset to achieve a better lifestyle.

Humor has a fixed set of settings that do not allow that to change one person or improve anything. This poses a misunderstanding there, regardless of individual abilities and talents that are not being improved. It is more of a fatalistic attitude in life and include everything the person is actually afraid of any change. Any challenges that come to be accepted as a threat is must be avoided or seen as obstacles in the river of life.

Growth mentality on the other hand, do not believe in something static or fatalistic. The person feels that there is a steady increase may in talents, abilities and intelligence. Are you able to see a direct connection between effort and performance and are not reluctant to put in maximum effort for their goals in life. Any challenges they have encountered increasing more and more opportunities, not obstacles, and any temporary obstacles are taken to be just that temporarily.

Dweck proposes in his book that from conversations that is starts to develop in these attitudes in childhood and training of teachers and parents have played an important role in the formation of sets. Parents and teachers are seen as figures of a child guidance and subtle drink each action and word for these people. If the child is praised in an atmosphere that continued hard work rather than in-born talent has been brought, the child has a high probability of developing a strong growth way of thinking. This kind of mentality shows a positive influence in all areas of a person in a position to deal with, relationships and challenges in life much better.

The good news is that after growth mindset can be developed at any time during the life of a person Dweck. It takes only an initial understanding on how to lead different mentality to problems in life, and only by observing these attitudes in one, the person will determine on the way to form a growth mindset.

By Taha Mateen


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