Sex in the Modern Society

Society has always been the measuring benchmark for determining different human attitudes particularly sex. In past sex was closely tied to the bonds of the religion and anything done out of the way was strictly condemned and restricted. Sex and society are in parallel relationship. As other social factors evolved through the passing time; sex also got step to move ahead on the ladder letting people break the bonds, state prohibitions involving in the sensuous excitement to have new experiments on partners and the way of partnership. Modern society brings multiple sexual patterns revealing that human sexual attitude does not need to follow any philosophy or doctrine for driving erotic pleasure.

Coming closer today, the informal course of dating where two individuals from the opposite genders wanted to have courtship before they get married gradually smokes. This dating required money to hire a place out of the woman’s home where the two mates can enjoy the long night sexual pleasure. The ultimate purpose of this dating was to choose a partner having the experiment if one can have sexual satisfaction with the partner. As indicated earlier this type of dating was over in the later years where marriage was not the sole purpose of life.

The society became more open and females had more freedom and liberty for enjoying their feminine qualities. This gave birth to frequent pre-marital sex. The basic problem of the female was resolved as the pill came in the market and soon was opted by the millions of women having pre marital sex. This revealed that dating was no more necessary as there were several other ways to interact with the opposite sex. It was commonly used as weekend entertainment especially by the young girls and boys. It became hard to find any woman in the town whose claim of being virgin was found true.

As long as the secularization covered its journey, sex also went through modernization. Many socialists raised voice that marrying means the subjugation of a woman to a man where she loses the freedom of having sexual liberty. The idea brought great wonders and people lurked to opt the new sexual pattern. Women believed in “motherhood oppresses a woman”. Since a huge shift of random mating was observed. This courtship did not involve any pledge or commitment for being bound to one individual. Each partner was free to choose another one for having sexual mating for the next time. It made sex very popular even in very restricted societies.

As the industrialization grew, intimacy involved more than two individuals. It was the introduction of the group sex. Group sex had several men and women terribly involved in sucking, penetrating and conceiving one another. This became popular in West within no time. The group sex often invited people of the same caste, creed and color to have sexual drives among them. This was more popular in college girls and boys who used it only for the fun and entertainment purposes.

Group sex removed all reminiscent of possession if there left any. It made people to believe that men and women are made for each other for providing sexual pleasure no matter in what way.

The story did not end here. Modern society brought another sexual pattern in the line. It was homosexuality. Yes, women are having sex with women; men getting in the sexual intercourse with men. Psychologists believe it is unnatural and is result of any disorder where the socialists call it personal freedom of individual.

Sex has been one of the human aspects which has gone through several transitions and is still expected to appear at another level. This is one among such human instincts that cannot be denied in any set up of the society. It started with the maturity of first adult on the earth and will continue till our planet dies out. The only thing that one should take care of is the respect of certain norms and traditions one’s society expects its citizens to follow. This is the only way that humanity can survive out of the hostility. And like every other problem, I’ll associate its solution with the education.

By: Ammarah Khan


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