The Mass Media

The mass media mean source of information, news, and entertainment which are newspapers, magazines, radio, television and now the internet. These media provide information, news and entertainment of all kinds.  People.workers, professioals, educated rich people and all others men, women and children everywhere are within the range and influence of the mass media. All manners of knowledge are within the reach of them all through the mass media. The mass media control their minds and thoughts and they approach the mass media like hungry flocks searching” pastures new.”

 Let us consider how the mass media are use to everyone. In the home, we read newspapers and magazines and journals of our choice. Our villages, towns, and cities and those of all other countries laid open to us. We read about our people and other peoples or nations and their work and activities, perhaps more than the print media the audio visual media are easily accessible for having effortless pleasures. The radio and television bring to everyone whether literate or illiterate, the pleasures of music, songs, drama, films and scenes of social and natural life. We learn through the mass media what is happening in education, politics, industry, agriculture, trade, sports, war, the criminal sphere, and all other spheres under the sun.

 The internet is the latest addition to the mass media. It is a network connecting millions of computer networks in the world; through it we get connected to the offical, educational, commerical, social, political, and other fields of activity and think about all over the world. The user of computer network, thus gains information from or exchanges messages with any other network anywhere at all times.

Newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV together with internet can be made use of positively as well as negatively. They can develop our minds and character as easily as they can distort them when they present to us scenes of corruption and evil doings. The mass media can make us wiser and more knowledgeable with the passage of time. As we gather knowledge through them in different fields. Attitudes towards life or outlooks on life become universal and we begin feeling that we are citizens of the whole world.

By Iram Shahzadi(129/10)


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