Media Role in Our Life

Once there was a time on the planet named Earth, the super creation used to live in caves. The only communication relationship he had was with his prey and tools. The simple language he knew was of signs and natural sounds hunting around him. Nobody knew even if he died. It was quite late when another man passing through that way found a rotten dead body; he came to know that death has haunted the man.

The first revolution and the primary media started when human beings came to know that language is necessary for living and surviving in community. Thus; with this slow procedure, man stepped in the first rung of the ladder named media.

The term vastly includes Print Media and Electronic Media. Print Media deals with the newspaper, magazines, literature, pamphlets, brochures and anything being printed. Almost two decades back print media was the ruling icon in society which used to engage people in reading. Only those who were fond of reading got benefitted and lightened themselves on what was going in the world around. This media played very important role in awakening people’s awareness and letting them know that pen is more powerful than a sword. It brought the poles nearer by sharing the happenings of one part with the other.

People started using this sort of media for the advertisement of their business; thus in this way it was incorporated in man’s earning.

Yet the second sort of Media named as Electronic Media played far more important role than the former one. It deals with all the electronic devices which bring in the category of communicating societies and groups. Today how can one ignore the importance of Television, Computer, and Fax and satellite world?

As far as the question is concerned that how much it plays. The answer is not hidden at all. It serves for many purposes, entertainment, information, knowledge, communication, awareness, creativity, guidance and many more.

It strayed the age when individuals were unaware of their rights and were being exploited. Many cases of the past which were buried under the debris of human cruelty were just because media was not as faster in those days. The gender which got its right reserved by the development and growth of media is of female. Women were badly exploited by the different rules and in strange systems. It was even a father, a brother, a son and a husband who used to keep her like a sheep in the farm. Media showed and blessed a woman with the power of speech. It let her know that she is equally important and possess equal rights. The religious exploitation which was for the usurpation of her rights was exposed by different documentaries and a woman came to know that the world is beautiful for her as well.

The feudal systems which grinded the poor members of the towns and country sides had to shoe generosity either for winning a fake name in the list of highly appreciated people by media or for running a successful campaign through media which was surely helpful for winning an Election. It was just not this, there were many cases where a poor man was entangled in the chains of cruel feudal traditions, media brought all the things on scene, a hue of cries and shouts arose through the community and the system had to break by the pressure forced by all the communities.

The wondrous miracles of Media do not stop here. You can simply compare the political vision of a common man of two decades back with the political awareness of a street man living in today’s world.

One may be a vendor, an illiterate, a fruit seller, a cobbler; he watches T.V programs which are sufficient for the nourishment of his mind dwelling on unthinkable and not understandable aspects of government. Gone are the days when the sunken people used to raise the slogans for the leaders who always were parasites. Why? The question has a simple answer; Anchors brought and dragged the people to face the questions and hatred bombarded by a common man. The anger, the frustration, the disappointment and dying hopes found their expression through Media.

No one needs to wait for morning paper to know what happened yesterday. A single click on a computer makes you observer of what is going on the scene of the planet. No one needs to collect money for affording a telephone call for his beloved one living abroad; now it is more easy even than a thought. It made communication as easy as it can be.

Entertainment provision is unlimited on the icon. Sports channels give you what you want to watch. They are always at your disposal. It also helped to develop the relationship between the neighboring countries which is definitely a great job. Religious sermons of different platforms are lively launched from international gatherings.

In short either it is the murder of a U.S president or a merciless killing of a young guy on the roads of Karachi; it is instantly brought to you through Media Services.

Apart from playing many positive roles; one thing that is negatively cultivated through Media is the extremism. The side of partial truth raises agony which makes individuals to lose hopes of having change and keeping dreams of good days. The awareness programs seem to have changed the code; as now it mere seems shouting and bullying by different representatives belonging to different groups.

By Ammarah Khan


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