Warning signs of physical abuse

Physical signs

. A child may have trouble sitting or standing, or colored underwear, bloody or broken. Swelling, bruising, bleeding or genital area is a red flag. An STD or pregnancy, particularly under the age of 14 years is a strong reason for concern.

Caregiver characters. Caregiver may seem unusual control and protection of children, limiting contact with other children and adults. Again, as in other types of abuse, sometimes outer leaflet shows no signs of concern. This does not mean the child is lying or exaggerating.

Child neglect
Neglect of children is the most common form of child abuse. Neglect is a pattern of non-compliance for the basic needs of the child, endangering a child offer physical and mental well-being. Neglect of children is not always intentional. Sometimes a point of reference is physically or mentally unable, for a child, as untreated depression or anxiety care. Other times can the abuse of alcohol or drug a serious impact on the process and the ability to keep a child safe. The end result is a child that is not always met their physical and / or emotional needs.

Signs of child neglect
physical signs. A child can consistently dressed inappropriately for the weather, or ill-fitting, dirty clothes and shoes. Mag consistently poor hygiene are such as very dirty, dull and greasy hair, body odor or noticeable. Another warning sign is untreated illness and injury.

Behavioral characters.

 Does the child appear to be unattended? School children are often late or delayed. The child may demonstrate disruptive behavior, disruptive or withdrawn and become passive.

Caregiver characters.

Caregiver has problems with drugs or alcohol? While most of us a little chaos in the house is dirty and unsanitary home caregivers? There is enough food in the house? A caretaker may also show reckless disregard for the safety of the child, so that older children play unattended or leave the child unattended. A service may deny or delay needed medical care for the child.

By Taha Mateen


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