Your emotions cause illness, How to Live Your Emotions?

Emotions are one of the most enriching part of human life and our lives. Emotions feelings are mainly due to the change in the physiological conditions on vegetative and motor skills. Emotions are often impulse to act; the quality strongly influences the quality of what we do. They let you know how you feel about things – happy, angry, sad, upset, and jealous.

Emotions tell us what is happening and makes life more interesting and colorful. Your emotions are always the result of reaction to environment, people or circumstances around you. It’s ok to have feelings and express anger, but what you, express or that anger. You should realize that and yes, it needs attention.

If your life is threatened, you have to fight or to flee. The most basic emotional response is – the “fight or flight” our mechanism. It sent a wave of adrenaline through the body, increases the heart rate, digestion, stops your life uncomfortable. Why could not control the emotions?

Here are the steps to manage and control emotions

# Think before you react. Often loss temper and bad decisions or take adverse action. Your emotions tend to make the switch off and you can not think properly. Think of the consequences of your actions, your future could have soon. Learn to analyze the whole situation before you respond.

# Change in Model-The best way to overcome emotions, is wrong, your mental model and how to react in a certain situation to change. You can think, and enjoy your life and enrich those around you.

# Improve your attention and look for times when you get a sense of irrational thoughts. You have to focus all attention on the sunny side of life in order to gain pleasure in your emotional energy.

Drugs # emotionally affected her balance, large and emotional distress; create stress and depression in the human.

# Choose the right time and place to express your feelings. Controlling your emotions does not mean to ignore them. This means that you recognize and take appropriate action if this is useful, not random and uncontrolled,

# Managing to keep an open connection to God all the time. God willing is to make the right in its own way. God does not want to use your emotions to make constructive things, but things constructive.

Control your emotions give you the tools you need. You can also access all the energy you need to take action. You will receive a new instinct to respond to crisis and challenge, the most of your emotional reactions makes building.

It is often difficult to do it myself. If all else fails, try to assist in discussion with a psychologist or therapist.

 By Taha Mateen


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  1. Great, you are absolutly right, the feelings & emotions of any person is directly effects his/her life style. Emotions are like the shores of the ocean, once u take control on them, it’ll result a happy life!

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