Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was constructed for defense purpose. It was primarily created in 221 B.C by adding the numerous local walls built by ducal states to secure their local territories. The construction of wall continued up to 1368-1644 and the wall developed into great military structure. The current length of the wall is an almost7300 kilometer which approaches across northern China from east to west. The most enchanting view of the wall is near Beijing.

The different sections of the wall can be seen near Beijing brings extra charm to the tourists visiting this city. A captivating view of different section of wall depicts the art of human structure in natural scenery.Badaling and Juyong Pass is the most attractive and easily accessible parts to be visited on tourist’s point of view. No doubt, some other parts are extremely beautiful but on a distant destination. In autumn the Mutianyu section is extremely attractive however, the Jinshanling and simatai are on higher altitude and need more physical exertion to climb. All the area is so attractive that capture your heart and soul in scenic beauty. Some parts are very popular for the hikers to approach and magnificent scenery surrounds every where.

The Juyong pass is one of three great passes and is considered as the most steep and dangerous pass. The Badaling and juyong pass are close in location to each other, they were the gateways of northwest region of Beijing. The best time to visit great wall is winter. The different section s is equipped with handrails in order to help to ascend and descend on the path made of stones. Sometimes during rain or extreme cold slippery occurs and the walkways are protected for any sort of accident.

Some sections have resorts near mountains and lakes. At a certain part of the wall the water of lake breaks the section of the wall into three sections naturally. Some part of the wall is under water and this scenery is worth seeing at all.

By the presence of the natural scenery and cultural aspects the wall has become the most magnificent and enjoyable structure to visit.                      

 By Umar Saleh.(315/10)


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