Healthy diet for healthy life

As every one knows very well that over weight is a big problem of plus size peoples because plus size isn’t only seems horrible but cause a lot more health problems. Over weight can cause heart problems, cancer, stroke, blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, reproductive and gallstones etc. Healthy diet is a diet which makes better our health and helps us to maintain our health.

A healthy diet engages overwhelming appropriate amount of all basics nutrients and sufficient amount of water. Nutrients may be got from much kind of foods like fruits and vegetables, thus there are many foods and frequent diets which may called healthy diet food. A healthy diet is a balance diet which contains a balance of macronutrients like fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Healthy and nutritious foods are regarded as a general medicine for human beings.

If the people use healthy and nutritious food forever then they don’t need to frighten to dangerous diseases. Unhealthy food put down impurities into our blood and the healthy food and nutritious food purify and clear our bloods for better expand. A one’s health base starts from developing stage where he/she is in their mother’s uterus. So that’s why the physicians advised the ladies to take good healthy food during their pregnancy stage. Another thing that the pregnant women’s should take is milk and fruits daily because it will help them to get proteins, vitamins and minerals. As far as these pregnant women’s are concerned folic acid is very important. Folic acid is a one of the important vitamin and expected thing for the development of embryonic nervous system. A very few number of people may know that the brain is the first part which usually develops in a fetus the presence of folic acid in the blood of pregnant lady ensures well developed brain and nervous system to the respective embryo.

Human body needs the nutritious and healthy food for the correct performance of hormonal and metabolic activities taking place. Thus now we can easily understand the advantages of healthy food and we know that if we use a healthy food then we are saving ourselves from many unhealthy serious conditions.  

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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