My Role in Creating a Peaceful World

Allah created man as His caliphate on the surface of the earth. The creation of this mundane world itself is an open secret that has been manifested by the God Himself not only in Holy Quran but also in holy books of other religions of the world. And it is astonishing that this is the love that prompted the God to create this world. Now we can peep into our sleeves to seek how much we are regarding this noble cause of our creation.

 The recent world is full of worries, disturbances, chaos, frustrations and terrorism.

It is not easy to analyze the causes and reasons behind these issues. But there are some prominent factors that can be attributed to be active player in this regard. Ever since the creation of mankind the menaces of jealousy and greed have been on his way. The first murder of man in the world is attributed to this covetous. Besides greed, there are elements of hatred, injustice and infringement. Justice is a prerequisite for establishing peace in societies, nations and estates. Societies lacking values of justice, brotherhood and equality are most often susceptible and subjected to social upset, disturbance, insecurity and prevalence of uproar and commotion. It has been narrated in the holy book of Quran that do the justice it is close to trepidation. The piece of land on which the values of justice, integrity and evenhandedness are of prime importance is a heaven indeed. The land where these spirits are deficient becomes hell for the people.

 The laws made in the nations are reflections of their traditions. If these laws are only embellishment on the piece of papers and not observed to their requirement then they are useless. But if they are followed to their spirit then it is worth to say that they guarantee peace in the society. We can’t neglect our glorious past in this regard, when our beloved Prophet S.A.W. laid foundation of the welfare state in the city of Yasrab. The city of Yasrab where it was customary to take revenge from each other on minor issues became city of peace and integrity. It was only due to the noble and great leadership of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W that enabled the people to become brother of each other. They embraced one another and not only shared their property but the history can’t find such precedence of brotherhood that muslims of the holy city gave divorce to one of their wives and devoted to their bachelor muslim migrated from Makkah. The city was renamed from Yasrab to Madina. When the city is established on the basis of justice and brotherhood, it flourishes the religion, social and economic status.

 It is not just during the reign of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W that values of social justice and fair dealing were made to thrive but also during His successors government like that of four caliphates. Hazrat Umar Farooq R.A is known for his justice and integrity. When these values are given a chance to flourish in the kingdom then the great power of divine is also given at their disposal. But one thing remains evident through out the history that peace can only be achieved when nations remain in their limitations and don’t try to intrude in the affairs of others. It is a need of the hour that all the nations and countries make their foreign policies streamlined with the common benefits irrespective of the hatred and personal interests. Such policies should be made as may develop harmony and peace among the nations and don’t produce envy in the heart of people and the governments. All nations should be made compulsive to follow these policies and if any does not abide by, should be dealt with iron hands. United Nations Organization should be made effective and powerful so that it may implement all its laws and policies. It should uphold interests of all nations instead of safeguarding the developed countries. No one should be allowed to pursue its national interests through aggression, expansion or colonization. No one should be allowed to seek hegemony or spheres of influence, and challenge the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries.

 The path of peaceful development is in keeping with the trend of the world today. History has also shown that human progress and national prosperity can be achieved only through peaceful development. Having gone through the scourge of two world wars and the suffering of the Cold War, the people of all countries share the fervent desire of pursuing peace, development and cooperation. This has become an irreversible historical trend. At the same time, progress towards world multi-polarity and economic globalization has created new opportunities for world peace and development. Enduring peace will promote common prosperity of the world and help settle global issues and this, in turn, will help realize enduring peace.

 This new vision calls on the international community to take the following steps

 Politically, we should respect each other, make decisions based on consultation on an equal footing and make concerted efforts to promote democracy in international relations. All countries, big or small, are equal members of the international community and should coexist in peace irrespective of their social systems. Decisions on a country’s internal affairs should be made independently by its own people. Global issues should be handled by all countries through consultation on an equal footing. Disputes and conflicts should be resolved peacefully through dialogue, exchanges and cooperation. All countries should join efforts to make the international order more equitable and fairer.

 Economically, we should cooperate with each other; draw on each other’s strengths and work together to ensure balanced progress in economic globalization so that we can all benefit from it. We should enhance consultation, intensify international economic and technological cooperation, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation and eliminate trade barriers. And we should make joint efforts to build an open, just, equitable, transparent, inclusive and non-discriminatory international multi-lateral trading system. Developed countries should shoulder greater responsibilities for achieving common development. Trade disputes should be properly addressed. Practices of shifting one’s troubles onto others and willfully resorting to sanctions should be rejected.

 Culturally, we should learn from each other, seek common ground while shelving differences, respect the diversity of civilizations and make joint efforts to advance human civilization. We should take an equal, open and inclusive attitude toward all civilizations, respect the different historic and cultural traditions of all countries and respect the rights of all countries to choose development paths and models compatible with their respective national conditions. Exchanges and dialogue on an equal footing among cultures and civilizations should be encouraged, and efforts should be made to remove misgivings and misunderstanding among them. Attempts to link some conflicts and problems in the world to a particular civilization, ethnic group or religion should be opposed.

 In the area of security, we should trust each other, strengthen cooperation, settle disputes through peaceful means, and work together to uphold world peace and stability. We should pursue a new thinking on security of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination by transcending differences in ideology and social system and discarding the “Cold War Mentality” and power politics. We should explore effective ways to address security issues through consultation on an equal footing, oppose the threat or use of force and work together to prevent conflicts and wars. We should step up international cooperation in non-traditional security fields and firmly oppose terrorism in all forms.

 Regarding the environment, we should help each other and make joint efforts to promote harmonious development of man and nature. We should work together to bring under control the trend of excessive global population growth, enhance the educational level of the people, promote human development, and to build a world with a population of optimal size and structure. A new approach toward energy security that calls for mutually beneficial cooperation, diversified development and ensuring energy supply through coordination should be pursued, so as to build a resources conserving world. We should adhere to the principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities”, effectively tackle climate change and strengthen ecological protection to build an environment friendly world.


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