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Wedding time is miracle in your life. Weddings can be very stressful, and nothing is more stressful to find the perfect dress. Let’s face it: The dress says it all, and most of us never dream of the perfect dress from the age of 5. Who does not browse the bridal magazines and find the “one” only to discover that the dress of the budget or just not suitable. You can avoid the heartache that! Just avoid wedding dress shopping Top five mistakes:

 Mistake # 1: window shopping. However, if you want to build Victoria’s Secret model (and if you, the glory of you!), you must be careful when you look at dresses in magazines and on the mannequin. Remember, these are clothes that stick thin models, and will look very different from you.

Mistake # 2: Go the budget before you get to the store. Yes, it seems hard to do, but how many of the bridal magazines already in place because retail prices from Vera Wang are good should you have? Do yourself a favor and do research. Most likely you will be able to find a similar dress in your budget.

Mistake # 3: Make an appointment-non. You are the bride. This means that you are queen for a day, right? Error. Make an appointment at the store you plan on shopping. This way you can rest assured that you will be given attention and time they deserve, not be treated as interference.

Mistake # 4: One stop shopping. Make sure Kleinfeld is the world’s largest luxury store wedding, groom, and David has some beautiful dresses. But do they have clothes for you? What is the price range and quality is really what you are looking for and can survive?

Fall: Error # 5. Stuck in what, you ask? The whole experience! Most stores only carry Bridal wedding dress, but they also have a variety of shoes, scarf, gloves, wallets, and even flower girl and ring bearer accessories. Preventing the desire and enjoy these purchases because they only serve to detract from the dress. Focus on the task at hand, and takes some time for your accessories. You do not want to be a buyer’s remorse because the dress I loved the look as good as the veil that you end up hating.

Mistake # 6: Being a Stickler for white. Wedding dress should be white, right? Not so! Very few women look beautiful in a white dress Pure. Open to try cream, eggs and even dark gray. You will be amazed at how you will look great with a little discoloration.

Mistake # 7: listen to the peanut gallery. Sure, you want your mother, your sister, your college roommate, best friend from grade school … Wait a minute. Remember that every person shopping with you to set your will have an opinion, so check. Bring your friends and relatives who have best interests (and personal style) you in the heart.

Well, that’s it! And must avoid the mistakes and seven clothing shopping experience to be perfect happiness!

 By Taha Mateen


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