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Suggestions on how to find a quality roommate

If you decide that you need or want to get a roommate or two, you should first decide how many roommates do and whether you accept roommate male and female in your house. You will definitely save money by using your space with roommates, but is also the object of a certain level of intimacy […]

You count your blessings?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I am thankful for a wonderful caring mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law and aunt-in-law. Thank you for your blessing? Every year we have special days to remember to thank. We should thank our blessings every day.  As a child of eight, I remember me think that they do not feel […]

Teaching babies to swim

The introduction of a baby pool may be a useful tool in the union with your child while a positive introduction to a skill that will be useful in their lives. Most of the problems associated with the introduction of children to swim are unfounded. Babies can sense their parents fear. If you are afraid […]

Deal with Liars

Some people have all the time why I was not good, only they can provide answers to them. Since, however, and always remain an integral part of some people, personalities AOS, it is best to develop a defense mechanism against these agents. Who is frivolous would know that a lie requires a series of many […]

Chronic Liar

There are a lot of confusion when it understands what a chronic liar is, is. Why? As it often overlap with pathological liars. Your symptoms may be the same, but there is a world of difference between the two. Not that there’s a reason for their lies and not necessarily that I want to get […]

Coconut oil is gift for human

Benefits of using coconut oil for general health are really impressive. It is a great herbal product skin care, hair care, dental care, to lose weight, keep cholesterol levels, strengthen immune system, treatment of infections and many others. Use coconut oil for beauty treatments for centuries. Many people use coconut oil on hair as a […]

Decorate your home

Decorating a home is an art, not everyone can claim to know. But the desire to make occasional changes here and cannot really change how your home reflects. While these changes cannot be far that even a small thing like changing or placing the glass on a coffee table or tables. But to fulfill this […]

Some beautiful cities in the world

Definition of a city can be difficult, but Hugh Newell Jacobson, a way to do this have done, but describes the beauty of the city and indeed the most beautiful city in the world above, a task that can be described as Herculean. Beauty, as they say in old age is a cliché, in the […]

Is Polycarbonate harmful?

Poly carbonate, otherwise known as brand name Lexan. They are widely used in modern chemical industry, where they can be easily processed and molded into different shapes and can also form a thermoplastic. They show a high capacity heat resistance, impact resistance and optical properties. They are not classified separately in a position their property, […]

Polycarbonate Luggage

Zero Halliburton has reinvented travel with the new lightweight luggage designed for polycarbonate. Zero Halliburton aluminum business and travel cases have been brought into the world almost 70 years ago. On this day, they continue to stand proud as an American icon in terms of product design and quality brand. These new polycarbonates case is […]

You should well aware from Botox

Many people believe that their Botox figured out that they know what is and what it is. What do you think is just vanity treatment by the rich and famous and less painful to watch, these are facts you need to know about Botox and what it can do for you. Millions of people worldwide […]

Being Positive

Being positive is a way of life in a brighter approach of doing things. By this art the pattern of life adopts a certain attitude which makes life move smoother and harmonious. The mind accepts new possibilities to expand creativity in brighter aspect. Mind has the ability to think all the time constantly, it can […]

Getting out of stress and pressure

We are living in stressful times at present. According to doctors stress affects almost one in five of the working people in this world. Not only the working population still stays at home mothers, fathers, students, retired people and even growing children are feeling the affects of stress all the way in modern society. Never […]

Becoming a freelance Writer

A majority of freelance writers do not earn according to their worth. They are good writers and they work with passion yet they don’t know the methods of earning which are rather technical and tricky. A good freelance writer should earn according to his or her worth all the way. What techniques and methods should […]

Weight management

No body likes to obsess about weight because it is harmful for our general health, but unfortunately if we do not analyze what we eat and try to live an active life, we may find those kilograms piling on as we move ahead in life. We can control our weight just by adopting certain precautions […]

How to improve Reading and Writing skills;

Everybody needs to improve reading and writing skills but don’t know where and how to start, it is common everywhere. These skills are required to perform some very basic functions of life; acquiring better educational level helps to get the benefits all the way to success. Anyone who takes interest can improve these skills if […]

Becoming a Teacher or Coach

Certainly the highest callings to get in life would be a great teacher or coach for anybody who loves to lead others. If we think back to our childhood, we certainly remember who stood out in our life and played a great part in molding us the person we are today. They could be our […]

The Mobile Phones-A wonderful invention

This is an age of science and technology. The recent development in the field of technology has given birth to many wonders in our life. The progress in the field of communication has surprised everybody. The mobile phone is a wonderful invention of science. It looks incredible that a man should talk or converse with […]

Saving a Marriage

Are you and your wife going through a hard period? At this stage you ought to know that how to save this marriage. Sometimes both the partners think that there is no attraction to live together or move further with same routine life because they feel to lose the real spark of love and romance. […]

Parent hood difficulties

Parents all the time looks for the ways and methods to improve their kid’s lives and they try to provide them better life than ever before. The problems and demands keep on changing with every generation bringing up designs and methods. Every generation require relevant stuff of learning for their own time and age, years […]

Common Household electrical problems

A common house includes an electrical circuit wiring system that normally operates lights, appliances, heating and air-conditioning system. Any problem occurring due to some defect may cause a serious damage to the interior or exterior of house. Certain times we heard fire incidents taken place due to short circuits of electrical wirings. Even some minor […]

Creative Writing skills

Creative writing is an imaginative job and challenging too. People who are doing this job find it emotionally rewarding. This job is basically associated with practicing and the right way is to write with concentration. It is also a matter of discovering a writer in you. While sitting on the table and writing on a […]

How to minimize electricity bill

An energy crisis is one of the most striking features of this age. We are living in an era where ways of traditional livings have been extremely affected by the energy and fuel shortage. The ultimate saving of resources has become a challenging task for the general public who are living in urban areas specially. […]

Positive Thinking

The positive thinking is basically a power that has been used since centuries. The achievements in life are the essence of the power of positive thinking. Any target achieved by anybody is the result of positive thinking apart from the other options. We see renowned personalities using this to achieve their goals, businessmen using to […]

Success is important

A majority of people think that it is quite difficult to be successful in life. They consider that being successful needs unmatched abilities, special skills and profound experiences. They keep in mind about a self imagined highly skilled personality with some special mental powers. In fact, the matter is not so as it is conceived. […]

Low budget house building

We see big houses and small, traditional and modern, all are meant to live a comfortable life. People spent a bulk of money to hire architects, contractors, supervisors and laborers who build their dream house. The high cost of building materials is shaking the middle class in present days. Their dream to build a house […]

The fly is man’s enemy ?

During the Great War, a pamphlet was issued in the army. With the title (in what was called Roman Urdu) Is makhi KO maro. The army authorities had been encouraged to publish this by the fact that many soldiers were suffering from dysentery, typhoid and stomach complaints. Most of those troubles arose from food and […]

It is dangerous to neglect your “DOG”

Long ago, when man was a jungle resident and did not live in towns, dogs lived in the jungles. They still do in many parts of Pakistan and India, and group of red dogs can be very terrible in the way in which they hunt down and destroy the deer and other animals. But at […]

The Railway and its benefits

When our grandfathers wanted to travel, they prepared a bullock cart and laid in food for a long, slow journey over rough roads. Now we pay for a ticket, step into a railway compartment and are taken rapidly to our destination. This saving of time is excellent for a business man who has to travel […]

Waste disposal problems

Some important things in life you just can not get away from namely-air, water, and food .waste disposal may not be as urgent requirement, but in the long run it is just as important .if waste is not disposed of properly, the day will come when our deaths will be direct consequence of this. We […]

Walnuts is a source of energy

Rich texture, delicious in taste and carrying numerous nutritious benefits for your health, nuts are one of the most popular food groups of our diet, contaning a unique balance of vitamins and minerals, nuts are small treasuries of complex proteins, needed for growth and maintenance of different body function and tissues. However, it will be […]

Nuts in cold season

As the season has changed, the cold wind quietly entered, a slight chill has settled into its folds signaling that winter has crept up upon us. now it is the time to bundle ourselves in warm sweaters and cardigans, time to flaunt our kashmiri shawls and to snuggle deep into the cosy,soft comforts in the […]

What is Silk ?

Silk has always been regarded as the clothing of the rich and indeed the cost of this lovely material puts is beyond the reach of poor men. Every school book tells us that silk is produced by a tiny worm. The way in which the worm makes the wonderful cocoon is very interesting Long ago […]

System of life insurance

Life insurance is a very useful method to provide for one’s own old age, or for one’s family in case of premature death. It is wise for every one to insure his life’ but it is certainly the duty of a married man who depends upon his daily work for his income. For if anything […]

Walking is the natural exercise.

Now a day we have cycles, petrol driven motor cars, buses & coaches, railway trains and electric trams, with motor buses running all over the country. It is so easy to ride and our climate is so hot at times that there is a great temptation for man to become over mechanized. Our grandfathers were […]

Nightmares can be true ?

The world of dreams is a unique world where you can be a king; you can be a personality which is in real life you admire too much. You can visit that places where you can’t go easily or the places which are in your imaginations, you can meet the celebrities or big personalities which […]

Everybody should realize the power of press

Our grandfathers were often illiterate, but now days most people learn to read and write. The poor laborer may lose this power soon after leaving his elementary school, but many continue to read at least the newspapers written in their own language. In Britain, great newspapers like the “Daily Mail” and the “Express” have a […]

No man is a hero to his own valet

A valet is the personal servant of a gentleman. He is what in Pakistan is called a bearer. He keeps and brushes his master’s clothes, lays out his suits for him to wear, brings him his morning tea, prepares his bath water, helps him to dress and waits on him in any way his master […]

Method in work necessary for accomplishing anything

Some people seem to be always busy and yet never be able to accomplish anything. They are capable and they really work hard and yet they have little to show for all their work. Their failure is probably due to lack of method in their work. Method in work means a certain wise orderliness in […]

Take things in time and be safe from troubles

Often we find a little hole in our coat or jacket so small that we don’t think it matters. Latter, we find it has become a big tear and it takes us more then nine stitches with needle and thread utilizing time and trouble to repair it. If we had repaired it at once, we […]

Is our system of curative medicine out of date ?

In ancient china there was a beautiful system of medicine in practice. A well to do man used to pay his medical officer a fixed payment as long as he was in health. But whenever the person became ill, the Payments were suspended until health had been restored again. In other words the patient paid […]

Rules of writing style.

Style means manner, and an author’s literary style is his exacting way of writing. Styles of writing may be forceful or weak, logical or unclear, rocky or smooth, plain or complex, short or delicate, light or heavy, interesting or dull. But every one who writes should desire to write well to form a good style. […]

The Running Situation of my Burning City Quetta.

 Years back Quetta was a peaceful and calm city where life was running in his same routine. No tensions, no worries and nothing else except harmony and peace. Everybody was living here with happiness and without fear. On events, the people of far away areas come here and enjoy themselves too much, the villagers and […]

Reading Faces Is an Art

A man’s face, if we can read it aright, is generally an index to his character. We can tell what sort of man he is by the expression of his countenance, as we can tell the species of a shell-fish by its shell, just as a shell-fish secretes its shell, so the soul secretes its […]


Communicate has vital role in our life. We cannot even think to live without communicating with each other. It is one of the basic and integral elements of life. Communication is the thing which builds up the society and connects several people with each other. It will not be incorrect if we say that this […]