Becoming A Father

A father is just like an umbrella or shelter who is always concerned to welfare of his children. As far as the human relationships are concerned it is the most valuable relationship causing a direct impact on the personality of his kids. His personality and way of life has a very intimate impression on the growing and developing minds of his children. To be a father is a hard job as he has to fulfill all of the responsibilities regarding his children. A father is a person who is the emblem of a great influence towards his children for their achievements in life. He does not share his burdens or cannot say anyone to do something for his family as he is the head of his family and responsible for everything. He always wanted to do anything for the prosperity and welfare of his family.

Therefore he works hard day and night to secure the future of his children as he has a sea of love and sympathy for them. He handles all kind of difficult and hard situations of life alone just to have smiles on the faces of his children. He has to bear a plenty of expenses to meet the true needs of his kids. As if one of his kids wants to go abroad for studies or for job, he has to backup his child until he stands on his feet. So to be a father is a serious responsibility in itself as a father, he has to take care of all the aspects such as the moral, ethical and rational buildup. We can take him as a person whose devotion and concern is never be paid back.


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