The Family Issues

Modern age is experiencing a down fall in sustaining human relationships; the race to overcome others has weakened human ties. Our family setups are facing problems which sometimes prove very hard to resolve. The essence of life revolves around living together. When certain situations arise where the uniformity of human relationships is injured, life becomes painful at once. One of the most important relationships is son and father relationship, very sensitive and complex to understand at all. Father is concerned with the upbringing process and providing the basic needs of a child, whereas he has to support him at every stage of his life. On the other hand, the son takes it as his right to avail all the advantages without having the knowledge of how much pain and miseries his father have faced all the way. Certainly he lives under his father’s roof and enjoys a life earned by him. 

When we talk about the blood relationships it is not the money that matters in this case, these relations are subjected to most intimated heartfelt ones. They are above from the materialism, their company, their intimation and care remains more valuable and important than any other thing. The sense of honesty and sincerity prevails over the holders. The beauties of relationship lies in the most pure form rather they are not getting solidify at all. Taking care becomes the essence of that love which carries the whole theme of relationships. The long lasting and most intimate relationships need to be fed with total care and psychological adjustments without true understandings the things may divert away.


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